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Don’t skip exercising when stuck inside here’s how to workout at home

Whether you are at home sick, a busy stay-at-home mum or just don’t want to venture to a gym or elsewhere to exercise there is plenty of options for you to stay fit and healthy by doing a workout at home.

You may worry that at home workouts may mean you need to buy a lot of expensive equipment but the truth is there is plenty of ways to create fitness programs to do at home on a budget.

Check out some of the tips below for home workouts to lose weight.

Get your exercise done whilst at home with these tips to workout at home

When it comes to getting in the exercise you need when you are at home it’s all about using what you have at your disposal and making a plan.

Gyms allow for structured workouts whether it be doing classes or circuits on the equipment, so building a fitness program to do at home will help you keep that structure.

Building a home fitness plan for weight loss

If you are looking at building a fitness workout program at home there are so many options for you. You can find great at home workouts online on YouTube like on The Healthy Mummy YouTube channel.

You can also probably find lots of blogs and articles with easy to do at home workouts that you can then build into a fitness program for weight loss.

We have plenty of information on how you can workout at home as a busy mum as it’s a core part of our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and what we are always supporting our mums to do, workout when they can and on a budget.

Utilising what you have at home for your at home workouts

This is what exercise at home looks like

Now you would think that moving your workout regime from the gym to at home workouts would mean having to buy a bunch of fancy equipment, but it doesn’t have to!

If you have the space, money and urge to buy that treadmill or step machine go for it but there are items you already have in your home you can use.

Some of the best at home items you can incorporate into your at home fitness program:

  • flour, rice or other large packets of food items in place of weights
  • lounges and chairs to replace benches when you want to do chair squats or push ups with some extra lift.
  • bath mat or towel in place of a yoga or workout mat to do pretty much any other exercise
  • stairs to well do stairs or step workouts at home

Plus you can raid your kids toys and see if they have a skipping rope, balls, or other items you could work into your in home workouts to lose weight.

6 exercises you can do with the kids by your side

How to make your own “home gym”

6 exercises you can do with the kids by your side

Want more options to help you workout at home we have plenty as part of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge


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