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27 things only mums who’ve had c-sections know

Having a baby is one of the most amazing feelings in the world, as is holding them for the first time. While each birth is unique and special, there are a few things that only mums who have had c-sections know.

We spoke to more than a dozen women about their c-sections. Some were planned, others were emergencies. Here are 27 things that only mums who have had a caesarean would know.

27 things only mums who’ve had c-sections know

27 things only mums who’ve had c-sections know

1. You don’t get much of a chance to chitchat with the doctor, plus he or she is wearing a mask which kind of makes conversation difficult.

2. The amount of noise is quite shocking initially, as is the flurry of activity behind the sheet.

3. The drugs you’re given are pretty hectic and you might see things such as spiders on the roof or other hallucinations.

4. There’s enough people in the theatre to form two sports teams. At least, that’s what it feels like when you’re the one lying on the table.

5. All the tears, long recovery time and frustration are completely worth it and you have incredible children as a result.

6. You’ve never felt so gassy and yearn to just relieve yourself of some of it.

7. Being able to accept help and the fact you can’t run around with your child and baby immediately after your c-section is hard but important.

8. During an emergency c-section a nurse has dry shaved you down below.

9. Despite being told you should take it easy all you want to do is get up and get some independence back.

10. You hear your doctors and nurses chatting to each other about what they’re up to for the weekend while you’re lying there looking up at bright lights and crying or laughing as you’re being sewn up.

11. The tugging and yanking sensation is unnerving and your body gets moved a lot around the table.

12. It feels like someone is doing the dishes in your stomach and once the baby’s out it feels like there’s an hour’s worth of stitching, stitching and more stitching.

13. You’re never prepared for the vacuum sound you hear as they suck out all the fluid.

Things Only Mums Who've Had C-Sections Know

14. The second time around, if it’s planned, is a walk in the park compared to the first one and your recovery time is shorter.

15. A few days post-birth it feels like the baby is still in there, the phantom kicks are apparently due to all the gas that is still inside your stomach.

16. Some days you feel gutted you didn’t have a vaginal birth but secretly feel thankful down below you’re still the same as you were before birth.

17. The sensation is odd because you can feel all the cutting, pulling and tugging but no pain, just LOTS of pressure.

18. Your belly hangs over the scar and it drives you up the wall.

19. The area of your scar can be numb or sensitive for years to come, especially if you’ve had multiple c-sections.

20. At hospital it can be frustrating watching the non-c-section mum get up to feed her baby when you have to ring for someone to bring your baby to you.

21. You never realised you had such great stomach muscles and that you use them for everything.

22. You’ve donned a pair of sexy stockings for a few days or weeks to prevent blood clots.

23. The fluid you retain after surgery makes all your clothes and shoes uncomfortable and your legs feel like they’re blown up like balloons.

24. Someone in white gumboots has brought your baby into the world.

25. You’ve nearly pulled some of your stitches out trying to get your baby out of the crib when you were sick of waiting for someone to help you.

26. You have happily worn big granny underwear so it doesn’t rub on your gauze/bandage.

27. When you’ve laboured for 16 to 30 hours and then are wheeled in for an emergency c-section you’re relieved, terrified and exhausted, but the cry you hear when your baby arrives makes it all worthwhile.

Baby being born via Caesarean Section

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