Natural ways to reduce stretch marks from pregnancy

During your pregnancy you may get stretch marks on different parts of your body. Here Cheree Sheldon, our Healthy Mummy nutritionist, talks about some ways to reduce these marks with healthy pregnancy-friendly foods and natural remedies.

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Mother's stretch marks from pregnancy

Evening primrose oil can be used topically, but the research is conflicting for use of evening primrose supplements during pregnancy so avoid the supplements just to be sure.

Calendula cream will help if the stretch marks are really sore and tender.

Keeping your skin moist from the inside and out is the best preventative treatment we have to offer. So keep up your fluid intake by drinking a lot of water.

Mother's stretch marks from pregnancy

After pregnancy if you do have stretch marks, grapeseed oil will help with the healing and so will taking Gotu kola. Time does fade them, and they are a gentle reminder of the wondrous experience our body had to become mothers!

Enjoy those beautiful tummy rubs full of nice nourishing oils regardless of whether it is keeping stretch marks at bay!

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