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“Everything in moderation!” This mum’s mantra helped her to lose 2.5st!

This mum of 3 has lost 2.5st, and now fits into a size 12 comfortably. And she says it’s all about enjoying everything in moderation!

She is currently aiming to lose another stone to get to her pre-pregnancy weight and 1.5st to her major goal!

“Last month’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge reminded me why I love it so much!” she says.


Annette’s weight loss journey

Having always loved meal prep, Annette credits it for helping her to achieve her weight loss goals by making it simple and easy to stay on track.

“I’m lucky enough that I don’t have to worry about any food allergies in our family so my meal plan is all about everything in moderation!” she says.

Not having to make drastic changes or cut whole food groups out of her meal plan means that Annette never feel like she’s missing out on things.

“I still eat pasta, pizza, ice cream and chocolate and I still lose weight!” she says.

Annette says the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge works for her because it is so family friendly.

“My hubby and kids eat all the same meals and snacks as I do. I’m not cooking one meal for me and something else for the rest of the family,” she says.

As a busy working mum, Annette needs convenience and the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app allows her to have everything in the palm of her hand.

“Plus I love that I can customise the meal plan and make it suit me and my family,” she says.

Typical day on a plate:

Breakfast – Green smoothie with lots of baby spinach and cucumber.

Snack – Carrot sticks and hummus.

Lunch – Beetroot Salad from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Snack – Coconut Yoghurt with Berries.

Dinner – Anything from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Dessert – Some dark chocolate or a Healthy Mummy baked treat.

Annette’s next goals is to complete a 14km Spartan race this year. She has already completed her first which was a 7km course and loved it!

She wants to keep working on her health and fitness and hopefully reach her goal weight.

She says, “I am absolutely loving the new Butt and Thigh video workouts that have been added to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!”

Join Annette on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.


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