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Lauren’s Bikini Shots BLEW Her Away

Lauren’s bikini snap is the inspiration we need, especially as summer gets closer and closer! Not only has she lost 3 stone with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge but she’s more confident and is feeling fabulous, work it girl!

Lauren Jones 28:7

Get excited, ladies! The Healthy Mummy’s Tabata workout has arrived!

Lauren’s sexy bikini snap was originally intended as a quick Snapchat to her hubby, but she was so surprised by the change, she thought she’d share it with us- and WOWSERS!

Lauren has been on her Healthy Mummy journey for three years, and while her physical change is amazing, she’s also learned so much and is now making healthier choices- even when she’s on holiday when our cravings can get the better of us!

“Last night I was flying late, so I made a Smoothie to drink on way to airport, and then made myself a snack bag consisting of nuts, fruit and a square of dark chocolate. I ate that and was not even remotely tempted by the many fast food options around me!”

“The Healthy Mummy is more than just a physical change! Even repping the tote as my carry on bag!”

Keep it up Lauren, you’ve done amazingly!

Join Lauren on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!


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