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Check out how this mum manages her chronic period pain with help from the Healthy Mummy

While we love hearing all about the weight our mums have lost thanks to Healthy Mummy smoothies, we also love hearing about the other health benefits.
For Nikki Lea Eckley, she’s not only lost those extra pounds but she’s noticed some other bonus side effects since starting Healthy Mummy smoothies.
Check out how this mum manages her chronic period pain with help from the Healthy Mummy

Losing weight, gaining health

“During the month I’ve been having the my Healthy Mummy smoothies I’ve noticed 2 major changes in my body,” says Nikki. “My nails are lovely and strong and not breaking anymore and my period pain has become more manageable!”
Nikki shares that she’s suffered debilitating period pains since she was a teenager, with episodes where she was in so much pain, she couldn’t walk.
Since joining the Healthy Mummy however, things have changed for the better. “Since joining the Healthy Mummy, my period pain has become much more manageable and in the last month I did not suffer from any pain at all!” says Nikki. Nikki believes that it’s her new, healthy lifestyle that’s having an impact.
And with Healthy Mummy smoothies being so quick and easy to whip up, they’re an easy thing to add to a busy life. “I love how quick and easy they are to make and take with me when I’m in a rush with the children,” says Nikki. “And there’s such a variety to choose from depending on whether I feel like something sweet, chocolatey, berry-licious or unusual!”
Nikki’s fave smoothie flavour? “My go-to smoothie is the chocolate almond but made with peanut butter. It’s the ultimate feel good milkshake type smoothie. Even my hubby begs me to make him one regularly!”
Chocolate and Coconut Lamington Smoothie
Well done Nikki on your amazing transformation!

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