Meal prepping on a budget? Check out these top tips

Having your meals all ready to go in the mornings can help you to save money. Meal prepping also ensures your portion sizes are appropriate and that your meals are healthy and you are better prepared to stay on track with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge. It’s a win-win.

To give you some inspiration one of our amazing mums, Beth Azzopardi, has stayed within her budget with a week’s worth of groceries but made a lot of meals for her family.

Meal prepping on a budget?

Beth says, “Groceries done, time to prep!” 

  • “Meal plan – done
  • Shopping list – done
  • Taking two kids shopping against their will – done! 

Now it’s time to prep!! My total shopping came in under budget and included, heaps of fruit and yogurt for the kids and two lots of extra mincemeat as it was on sale.

I’m also making a double batch of all my snacks and freezing! So snacks done for next week too!”

Beth says that the best time for her to meal prep is on Sundays, and says that she has achieved most of her meal prep plan.

The meal prep

Hard boiled eggs

beth hard boiled egg

Double Batch One Pot Spaghetti

beth spag bowl“I make a double batch of the meat. Take half out and freeze it. Then add the pasta and cook the rest – normal for Sunday’s dinner. The rest of the meat we reheat and serve with pasta or rice on Wednesday as this is my late day at work.”

Grab this delicious recipe here.

Mint chocolate bubble crunch

beth mint bubble crunch

“This one is delicious, my kids love it and it freezes well. I haven’t made this before but it looks amazing and I only needed to buy the dark chocolate.”

This recipe is available in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub.

Peanut Bubble Crunch

peanut bubble crunch

“I haven’t made this before but it looks amazing and it was super quick and easy to make.”

Grab the recipe here

Beth says that she has also frozen her bananas for the week’s smoothies

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