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How this mum keeps on track with the support of the inspiring community

The community at The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is proving to be invaluable for some mums in keeping themselves motivated and smashing their goals.

One of our lovely mums, Lindsey Moriarty keeps on track by reading the inspiring stories of mums in The Healthy Mummy community.

Finding success with the help of a support network

While some of us can achieve successful weight loss alone, many more need a support network to help us lose weight and keep it off.

Lindsey says that she has been quiet this week. This is due to a combination of missing her preparation last Sunday, being away for work and generally feeling a bit below par.

“The struggle has been very real,” she explains. “I’ve mostly stuck to plan but there’s been no exercise, it’s been so much harder than usual.” Lindsey reveals that she has missed the community a lot.

“Previously, I’d have said to myself ‘oh sod it til next year,’ ‘you have enough on, just have some more wine to get through’ etc etc. I’d have given up,” she explains. “But not now, I’ve stuck to plan as much as possible.”

Lindsey says that today she meal prepped and this week she’ll be back.

Thanks to The Healthy Mummy for all their support 

Lindsey is so inspired by all the words of encouragement from the support network when she was feeling down. She says that she kept her promise to them to go for a run when she got back, and this is exactly what she did.
When she got back, she received a lovely new Healthy Mummy singlet in the post! She was so excited and says that The Healthy Mummy admin must be psychic in knowing that she needed a little lifting. “My lovely new singlet matches my running gear (I had asked for black but am loving the blue!),” she says.
“Thank you Healthy Mummy team! That will get me up to do a workout in the morning!”

The Healthy Mummy lifestyle

“The Healthy Mummy is a lifestyle, not a diet.” Lindsey says. “It doesn’t make you feel bad when you’ve had a tough week. And most importantly, I know there are ladies here who have my back, encourage me and inspire me with their own journeys.”

Lindsey says that her kids sit around the dinner table and try to name their top Healthy Mummy dinners. “And no one could stick to three!” 

“My daughter actually said she thinks I must be practising for Masterchef. This isn’t just for me.” 

Thank you Lindsey for your inspiring words and thank you for choosing The Healthy Mummy for your weight loss journey!

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