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Inspiring Mum Talks Openly About Her Weight Loss Journey And Getting Through Anxiety

Like a lot of mums, after the birth of her first baby Leah Romiti suffered from severe anxiety and Post Natal Depression (PND).

Leah received amazing support from her doctor, family and friends, but after having her second child, she worried that she would go back to square one with her anxiety. She reached a point where she knew she needed to do something different.

Mum-Of-Two Talks Openly About Her Weight Loss Journey And Getting Through PND

On the advice of a friend, Leah decided to give The Healthy Mummy’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges a try and hasn’t looked back since!  

Check our her beautiful transformation photos above and keep reading below to read her incredible (and beyond inspiring) story!

The Beginning: Living with Anxiety & PND

Mum-Of-Two Talks Openly About Her Weight Loss Journey And Getting Through PND

“It was extremely hard for me to admit that I wasn’t on top of everything. After receiving amazing support from my doctor, family and friends I felt a lot stronger. But after having my second child, I worried that I would go back to square one with my anxiety so I decided I needed to do something just for me to keep me on track. That’s when a good friend told me about The Healthy Mummy,” Leah says.

“I started The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges in February 2015, when my youngest was 5 months old. I was 11.11st and I felt tired, lacked energy and I constantly felt bloated. I 100% stuck to the meal plans and exercise plans for 6 months. I steadily lost 2.5st, averaging a loss of 1-2lbs per week.”

What Did The Healthy Mummy Meal Plans Teach You About Food?

“I quickly learnt that I had been eating way too much and completely the wrong things. The biggest changes were making my portion sizes smaller and cutting out refined sugars. The Healthy Mummy meals are absolutely delicious, easy to make and the choice of meals is endless,” Leah says.

“I also love that The Healthy Mummy is not a diet. It’s a healthy lifestyle choice. The Healthy Mummy has changed my life. I am fit, healthy, confident, so happy and I know I am a wonderful role model for my boys.”

Feeling Good

Leah says, “After losing the weight, I loved that my clothes no longer felt uncomfortable and I absolutely LOVED walking into any clothes store and being able to try things on knowing they’d fit and look good! I felt so happy, healthy and proud of myself.”

Getting Your Spouse On Board

We all know how important it is to have a great community around you to support you on the journey to better health and well-being. We especially love to hear when our challenge members’ husbands get on board to help their beautiful spouses through the challenges!

“My husband is my no.1 supporter,” Leah says.

“He eats everything I eat and loves that by discovering The Healthy Mummy, our lives have become so much more healthy and positive. Our boys are learning how to lead healthy lives and my 4 year old always tells me that he loves that I’m a healthy mummy.”

What’s Next?

As if running after two kids isn’t enough! Leah now has her sights set on some even bigger challenges!

“I have recently started participating in a weekly parkrun and my next goal is to take part in a mini women’s only triathlon,” says Leah.

We couldn’t be happier for you Leah! Go get ’em girl!


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