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How This Mum Got Down To 11.2st* From 18.3st

Wow! Just check out Renée Harrison’s INCREDIBLE body transformation! This gorgeous mum has managed to tackle her weight and get down to 11.2st* from 18.3st* with the support of  The Healthy Mummy. Renée’s before and after pic is absolutely AWESOME!


A Year In The Making

There is no doubt that Renée’s transformation is inspiring. What’s even more so, is that this mum was able to lose the baby weight in just over a year!

Renée says: “When I first started my Healthy Mummy journey a little over a year ago, I was doing this for myself.”  

Tackling A Healthy Lifestyle

Our weight can impact our health…significantly. Renée is certainly no stranger to that.

Renée says: “It’s sad to admit, but I was doing it out of necessity and not because I wanted to.”

“I did it out of desperation because I was sick of taking pills for depression, for cholesterol and for my high blood pressure.”

“My GP painted a bleak picture of my future – continue this lifestyle and you are at risk of stroke, heart disease and even worse by the time you reach your 40’s.”

The Start

Renée says: “As a single mum and a nurse, it’s not a lifestyle I was proud of.”

“But as I got further into my weight loss journey, I became addicted to the process, the amazing food, the exercise and how much easier the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meals made my life.”

“I started to now also do it for all the people who said I couldn’t, the ones who wanted to see me fail, for all the women out there with doubts, not knowing where to start!”

The Incredible Change

Renée has since dropped an INCREDIBLE 7.1st*!

Renée says: “7.1st* is now gone from my body. I don’t have depression, I don’t have cholesterol and I don’t have high blood pressure!

“If you don’t know where to start, just start. And once you start, don’t ever stop, especially on your worse days when you doubt how far you have come.

“You will absolutely surprise yourself with what your mind and body is capable of!”

Renée – you are seriously looking incredible. We are so glad to hear that you are not only feeling better – but achieving your weight loss goals!


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