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Mum-of-3 loses 4 stone and finds ‘herself’ again. Now training to be a firefighter!

Overwhelmed with looking after 3 children under 4 years old and weighing her heaviest ever, mum Laura Linklater (age 34) from Otley was desperate to find ‘herself’ again.

She has now lost almost 4 stone (56 lbs) in 12 months with The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges  and smoothies and gone from maternity size 14/16 down to an 8/10.

Feeling unstoppable and confident, she is well on her way to obtaining her ultimate goal of becoming a firefighter. Go Laura!

Laura Linklater from Otly in West Yorkshire is one of 6 INSPIRING mums who were invited to take part in The Healthy Mummy’s EPIC BODY CONFIDENCE photo shoot in London. The last of 3 photo shoots around the world this month (others in New York and Sydney); all part of World Healthy Mummy month.

These Body Confidence shoots are a celebration of women of all sizes and ages who are living their best and healthiest lives.


And boy did these ladies rock the photo shoot like true professionals.

Here is Laura’s story.

“My body was broken”

Laura says “I had 3 babies in under 3.5 years – my body was so broken I didn’t even recognise it by the time baby 3 was born. I struggled to feed myself, let alone the family. I had no energy and existed on biscuits and white carbs.

After having her 3rd baby in May 2018 Laura weighed 13 stone.  She says “I’ve been just under 9 stone my entire adolescence and adult life until having babies and whilst I’d never change having my gorgeous children, I didn’t feel or look like ‘ME’ anymore.

I didn’t have the tools or the strength or the confidence to be who I wanted to be and was feeling overwhelmed!

Healthy Mummy arrived at a time when I think I was teetering on the edge of post natal depression (PND)”.

Not long after Laura’s doctor gave her the all clear to start exercising she came across The Healthy Mummy on Facebook. At the time she had been searching for breastfeeding friendly smoothies.  She decided at that moment to give The Healthy Mummy a try.

Getting started with The Healthy Mummy

In July 2018 Laura started tentatively following some of The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge  recipes and postnatal videos and then fully committed to program in September 2018. She has been following the Challenge App meal plans and doing 2-3 video exercises per day, ever since.

Apple Pie Smoothie

In addition to the nutritious and delicious meals that Laura has been enjoying from the Challenge meal plan, she has also been enjoying the breastfeeding friendly Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

She says “The smoothies have helped me increase my protein intake, up my muscle density and curb my breastfeeding hunger pains. They are a convenient meal even when life is mental/ kids have chicken pox/ there has been no sleep”.

The Healthy Mummy Challenge has given Laura more confidence in cooking a wider range of food and snacks which her 4,2 & 1 year old all enjoy.

Weight Loss Result – 56 lbs in 12 months

Laura has lost almost 4 stone (56lbs) down from 13 stone to 9 stone 3 lbs in 12 months. (from July 2018 to June 2019)

“Fittest I have been in my life” – doing 5k races

Not only has Laura lost almost 4 stone she is now the fittest she has ever been and training to become a firefighter.


She adds “I’ve taken up running after being inspired by other Healthy Mummy’s on the wonderful Facebook support group. They encouraged me to do the Couch to 5k Course”.

Laura just completed her first 5K and is loving all the energy she has gained.

She says “I’m feeling great now as I have Facebook peer support, a framework for meal planning and resourcing our ingredients (ie the shopping list)”.

Noticeable changes for Laura since starting The Healthy Mummy

  • “More energy and my Fitbit heart fitness has gone from poor to good-very good rating.
  • Body no longer hurts when I wake up.
  • Feel more confident and don’t shy away from social situations.
  • Not anemic anymore (I nearly had a blood transfusion when I was pregnant).
  • Have thicker hair , my nails are stronger and my skin is now clearer”.

Laura’s 3 tips for weight loss

1. Start small. Just drink water. The difference it makes is mind boggling and feeling fresh makes you want to make healthier choices.
2. Set small, achievable goals and celebrate when you reach them. Have a list of non-food treats for you and your family to use to celebrate (eg face mask, walk in the fresh air, playing a board game, cinema, bowling, long hot bath whilst partner takes everyone out of the house!)
3.  Tell your family and friends about your goals (long term and short term) and ask for their support. Give them the list of non-food treats so they don’t buy you chocolate for your birthday or other occasions.

Gaining strength and self love

“I just am very very thankful that the Healthy Mummy came into my life when it did.

It’s not punitive, I’ve never felt shamed – even at my biggest. In fact, I feel like an empowered strong woman.

The Healthy Mummy is about a lifestyle of strength, self respect, self love, and become healthy through empowering lifestyle choices.

It’s an antidote to the toxic narrative around women’s bodies, especially post baby bodies. And I am proud to be a lifetime member and be a part of it”.

The Healthy Mummy team would like to thank Laura for sharing her story with us.  We love seeing the healthy and confident mum she has become today and have no doubt she is going to ace her firefighter tests. Well done Laura!

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