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Mum starts her weight loss journey with impressive 212 serve meal prep

After recently joining The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Pamela started off her journey to success and made 212 meals for just £279. That’s just £1.31 per meal!

Mum starts her weight loss journey with an impressive 212 serve Meal prep for just £279

Pamela McGuirk Martin, 32, is a mum of two children under 2!

Pamela shares, “Yesterday I started my Healthy Mummy journey! I adopted the attitude fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

“One massive Costco shop and 15 hours of cooking later I had a freezer full of meals.

“I joined The Healthy Mummy last year before I had my son and have been a bit hit and miss until now!

The Healthy Mummy community has helped me become motivated to change my lifestyle and seeing everyone’s success stories has been great and I can’t wait to start losing weight and getting fit!”

Pamela made 212 meals for just £279. That’s just £1.31 per meal!

What Pamela made:

Ultimate baked potato x 20
Sausage and Sweet potato casserole x 12
Slow-cooked tomato, mushroom and bacon soup x 16 (substituted mushroom for peppers)
Honey Chicken Stirfry x 12
Garlic and Parmesan roasted veg x 12
Chicken, cashew and broccoli stirfry x 12
Ratatouille Lasagne x 24
Beef Rendang x 12 (Used turkey instead of beef)
Vegetarian Chilli x 12
Beef Stroganoff x 12 (Used turkey instead of beef)
Tuna Pasta Bake x 12
One-pot spaghetti x 24
Slow-cooked tortellini and veg soup x 20
Courgette, Parmesan and Bacon Slice x 12 (Used half peppers and half courgette)

Total of 212 serves.

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Pamela says, “I spent roughly £279 and made 212 portions at a cost of £1.31 per meal. I have leftover veg etc which I intend to use up this week further reducing the cost per portion.

“It took me around 15 hours split over 2 days.

“This will save me a huge amount of time going forward, stops me continuously thinking about food and what I need to cook. On top of that, it will save me money on a monthly basis!”

Pamela’s meal prep tips:

“My top tips for prepping is to be organised, I printed out every recipe I needed, worked out what I need for each recipe, quantities etc and got everything 1-2 days before I was going to cook. This allowed me to check and double-check I had everything.

“I also got every pot, pan and kitchen utensil I was going to use ready so it was all at hand!

“I also put it in the family diary so my husband knew I was most likely going to be busy in the kitchen that weekend.

“My top tip is to invest in a vegetable chopper, it saved me so much time and it cuts vegetables evenly.

“I would also advise you, if it was cost-effective to do so, to buy pre-minced garlic, onions etc.”

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