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Blogger reveals how breast implants caused weight gain

A blogger has had her breast implants removed after she claims they caused her to suffer acne, body odour, weight gain and fatigue.

Sia Cooper, the 29-year-old behind the blog Diary of a Fit Mommy, posted a photo of herself to her more Instagram followers, holding her removed breast implants she got seven years ago

“I can’t believe it’s been one week,” she said of her explant surgery. “This past week, I’ve been sore, but have felt incredible. More-so than the last few years. I went from being practically bedridden to having more energy to live.”

Sia Cooper, 29, had her 400 cc silicon gel implants removed due to associated health problems.
Sia claims her breast implants caused acne, body odour, weight gain and fatigue

Sia had been suffering from extreme fatigue, exhaustion, hair loss, and weight gain which she says was because of her breast implants.

She underwent multiple medical tests that came back “normal”, convincing the Florida-based mother-of-two her symptoms are related “breast implant illness”.

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WARNING: don’t swipe if you are squeamish. ? After 7 years im officially silicone free! Wow. It’s still hard to take in. Surgery only lasted an hour and a half last night and went well. @jchunmd1 was able to get all of my capsule out and said that the capsules went to my armpits and stuck on a blood vessel which is was scary. Also he mentioned of implant has formed a small contracture which is no good. This usually causes breast pain, chest pain, and cosmetic side effects (my contracted boob was so much smaller than my other). No leaks or ruptured thankfully and I’ll get my implants back in a bag to keep and look at at my post op appointment tomorrow. Hopefully these drains will come out, too. How do I feel today? Slightly groggy, but happy. When I woke up in the recovery room the number one thing I felt was lighter and I could breath deeper. It no longer felt an elephant was sitting on my chest. I look forward to seeing what symptoms approve and what stays the same. The main thing I want to see if a change in my chronic fatigue. I would do anything for that! Thank you guys for the support. I’ll share another update when I feel a little more alive (or at least when I look a little better ?). I love you guys more than you know. Thanks for your continued love. Checkout @breast_implant_illness for more info #breastimplants #breastimplantillness #breastexplant #explant #plasticsurgery #cosmeticsurgery

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Sia Cooper shared this pic on Instagram revealing she’d had her breast implants removed after suffering health prob

Sia said she got the implants after he ex-husband suggested them to make their love life ‘spicier’

“This past week, I’ve been sore, but have felt incredible. More-so than the last few years.

“I went from being practically bedridden to having more energy to live.”

She went on to explain how her chest pain, shortness of breath and bad body odour had disappeared since her surgery.

“I feel mentally more clear, but still waiting for more on this. Acne is clearing up.

Sia was left with ‘deflated’ boobs after losing weight and thought the implants would make her feel feminine again

“I have colour back in my face again. My weight is finally budging for the first time in months.”

Sia said her husband hasn’t seen her this talkative in months.

“I credit that to me not being so anxious and depressed anymore,” she added.

“The toxicity of the implants themselves and my body trying to fight the foreign objects took a toll on me this year which lead (sic) me to remove them.”

Sia explained that she got breast implants seven years ago because she felt “really insecure” about herself and thought they would make her happy.

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 7.50.12 am

Sia claims her acne is clearing up and there’s more colour in her skin after having her implants removed

“I was married to my ex-husband at the time, and he really encouraged me to get them,” Sia said.

“He told me that they would make our love life spicier.”

After losing roughly three stone and being left with “tiny deflated breasts”, Sia said she “wanted to feel feminine again”.

She decided to get 400cc silicon gel implants, which were inserted through her armpits without leaving any scars.

She then went on with her daily life, but a few years later, she noticed her anxiety and depression had increased.

“I ate healthy, exercised regularly, but nothing would help me,” she said in her recent Instagram post.

“I saw so many doctors and took so many tests for no answers. I felt like such a hypocrite and fraud because I preached natural, healthy, and organic everyday and yet here I was sick from silicone and a bad choice I made seven years ago.

“It got to the point where I couldn’t workout anymore. I was that sick. I felt like an 80 year old when I was only 29.”

After having them removed, Sia said she now feels freer.

“I thought I would cry seeing my new breasts, but I haven’t,” Sia said.

“It feels amazing to be smaller again and they fit my body. I never thought I would say this, but I love my new (old) self.”


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Update: yesterday I had my first post op visit since my explant. The drains didn’t get to come out just yet so we are going to see Doctor Chun again today to see if they are ready. The purpose for the drains is to prevent a hematoma or seratoma in my breasts and to aid in healing. I saw my breasts and showered last night for the first time. I didn’t cry like I thought I would. It was something I was so afraid of! Doctor Chun told me that the worst they’ll look like is at 24 hours post op and he was amazed at how much better they turned out since I denied a lift. I got my implants back to me in a bag which was interesting. He took my hands and told me to feel how heavy the bag was and wow.. I didn’t realize I was carrying so much weight on my chest, placing stress over my heart and lungs for the past 7 years. We weighed the implants and they were two pounds! So far I’ve noticed: 1. I can breathe deeper 2. I feel lighter 3. My face and skin actually produces oil again-used to be so dry. 4. I have less inflammation everywhere. I have a few other improvements that I’m noticing but i would like to wait until I’m at least 1 month post op or so before I claim them just to make sure. I’m just so happy to feel better. I honestly feel younger. They say implants age you, but I had no idea. The fatigue, joint pain, hairloss, and inflammation became too much for me and I had to make a change. Over the next few weeks they say my breasts will change and “fluff” out. I look forward to that and getting my health back to where it needs to be. It was hard preaching health when I wasn’t feeling very healthy so this had to happen for me. Thank you again for the support guys. It was a big step for me. I’m looking forward to improving and getting better. #breastimplants #breastimplantillness #bii #plasticsurgery #cosmeticsurgery

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RECENT research found silicone breast implants increase a woman’s risk of a rare form of cancer.

The textured implants are the most commonly used type of breast implant in the UK.

It comes after it was revealed thousands of patients have been fitted with unsafe medical devices, like breast implants, hip replacements and pacemakers due to a poorly regulated approval system.

The investigation, which formed part of a wider investigation involving 58 media organisations including the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and the British Medical Journal, revealed manufacturers of the implants didn’t carry out basic safety tests before selling them to the public.

The textured implants have been linked to breast implant associated lymphoma, also known as anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

Anaplastic large cell lymphoma is a rare type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that develops when white blood cells called T-cell lymphocytes divide in an uncontrolled way.

In this case, the implant causes the white blood cells to divide.

Most cases have been treated by removing the implant but some women have required chemotherapy and radiation.





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