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Mums ‘weigh nearly 5 pound MORE than childless women of the same age’, study finds

Whether it’s down to picking leftovers off their kids’ plates or feeling too exhausted to exercise, new research has found that mums weigh MORE than women without kids!

But it DOESN’T have to be that way. Find out how to lose the mummy pouch below…


Mums weigh more than women without kids who are the same age

Scientists at the University of Cambridge analysed data from women between the ages of 15 and 35 to find out what lifestyle changes occur with parenthood.

They found that women who had no kids gained around 16 pounds over five to six years, while a mum put on that weight plus an extra 3 pounds.


Is tiredness to blame for mothers being more overweight?

Experts believe that parents are less likely to exercise compared to their childless peers, they may also feel more tired and be more likely to snack on unhealthy food.

Interestingly, when men become dads they don’t appear to put on extra weight.

“Becoming a mother is associated with 17 per cent greater absolute BMI gain than remaining childless,” reads the report in the Obesity Reviews journal.

“Motherhood BMI gain is additional to an alarming BMI increase among young women, highlighting the need for obesity prevention among all young women, including new mothers.”

Dr. Eleanor Winpenny, from the University of Cambridge, stresses the study is not about pregnancy weight gain, it’s about the lifestyle changes people make when they become parents.

“People overall gain a small amount of weight over that transition and that’s the bit we’re worried about,” she says.

“If all these life transitions are contributing to small weight gains, overall that becomes a problem.”


10 ways busy mums can find time to exercise and stay healthy

1. Start early

Squeeze in a workout before the day begins – before school and when everyone is still in bed. You can be finished before mid-morning and utilise that time in the mornings that is often slow moving. You still have a day ahead to tick off your to-do list!

2. Schedule

Like most things in our lives, the best way to ensure exercise is to schedule it in each week.

Put it in your calendar at the beginning of each week, choose your workout of choice and then just do it. No excuses!

3. Involve the kids

If you can’t get away from the kids to work out in peace, then include them. Babies can be used as the perfect weight to squat with. Your local park makes for a free and fun gym.

Strap your baby to your back and climb the stairs. Run with your toddler in the pram. Like to swim? Have your toddler hold on to your shoulders while you breast stroke through your laps! There are ways to make this work.

4. Utilise the creche

Whether this is at your local gym or finding a trainer who includes the kids in their program, or trainers that provide babysitting services – use it!

5. Try a two-minute workout

Exercising doesn’t necessarily have to be in an hour block. It can be two minutes here and two minutes there. While unpacking the dishwasher I hit the squats and calf raises.

6. Choose your workout!

Now that you’ve scheduled your time in, what are you going to do? Be prepared and know what you are going to do ahead of time. Or sign up to our 28 Day Weight Loss, and then download our app and we can tell you exactly what to do each day!

7. Meal prep

With healthy meals and snacks ready to go at home, you end up eating out a lot less. Plus, if you meal prep on the weekend or in the evenings, you actually find you have MORE time on your hands as you don’t have to make dinner every day!

8. Eat mindfully

A lot of the time you’re unaware you’re doing it. Instead of you eating everything you make for dinner or your child’s leftovers, be aware of portion sizes. Any excess can be stored away in the fridge or freezer for another day. This will help you save money!

9. Make healthy food choices

Eat well and sleep well – when you are tired you are more likely to make unhealthy choices. If you have a fridge stocked full of nutritious meals and snacks, you are more likely to have those than order takeaway.

10. Just do it!

It is so easy to make excuses to avoid exercising! But our children should not be our excuse, they should be our reason to live a healthy life!

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Lisa Porteous has lost 6.5 stone

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