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10 Reasons Why Stretching Before And After Exercise Is Important

Stretching before and after any kind of exercise is really important because it helps to warm up the muscles you are about to work on, preventing injury.

Stretching after a workout is equally important as it will reduce muscle soreness as well as help to get your muscles back to their original length.


10 reasons why you should always add a stretching sequence to your workouts.

1. It reduces muscle tension, and makes your body feel more relaxed.
2. It helps to increase your range of motion. The more you stretch, the more flexible you will become and less prone to injury.
3. It helps to prevent muscle strains. A pre-stretched muscle resists stress far better than an un-stretched muscle.
4. It helps to prevent joint strains.
5. It reduce your risk of having back problems.
6. It prepare your body for a strenuous workout.
7. It helps to increase ‘body awareness’.
8. It promotes good blood circulation in your muscles.
9. It can help reduce period pain (in women).
10. It reduces muscle soreness after exercise.

As part of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge we offer stretching and cool down exercises along with every workout, so there’s no excuse not to get your stretch on.


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