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Rhian’s Top 8 Kitchen Hacks

I LOVE LOVE LOVE kitchen hacks. I am always looking for new ones and I love that they save so much time and money.

rhian featutred

Here are 8 TOP kitchen hacks that I am loving at the moment – I hope you LOVE them too

  1. Not sure if your eggs are past the use by date? Here is a SIMPLE fix to find out. Put them in a glass of water – one at a time. If they sink, they are good to use – if they float – throw them!kitchen hacks.
  2. Love butternut squash but HATE the prep wrestle? Microwave the whole thing on high for 1 minute increments for up to 3 minutes and you will be able to cut and peel with ease
  3. Love mashed potato but HATE the peel? Cook halved potatoes in boiling water. Once they are tender, drop the halves into a ice water bath and the peel will slip right offweight-loss-visualisation
  4. Need to grate soft cheese? To grate soft cheese simply put them in the freezer for 15 minutes and it will harden up enough to grate it.
  5. Squeeze citrus fruit effortlessly by microwaving the fruit for 15 seconds
  6. Cut onions without tears try this combo. Stand next to the stove and turn the air vent on, then if you have a gas stove, turn the burner that is closer to you – the vent fan will draw the gas away from your face and then the gas flame will burn off the irritants.Why Munching Raw Garlic, Leeks & Onions Could Improve Sleep & Stress Levels
  7. Chop herbs with EASE and speed. Use a pizza wheel cutter instead of a knife
  8. Ripen green bananas fast. If you need ripe bananas for banana bread but only have green ones, a quick fix is to pop them into the oven at a high heat for 15 minutes until the skin turns black – the banana inside with be soft and sweet and ready to use in your baking. 12 kitchen hacks - ripe banana

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