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This mum says it is thanks to the weight loss, she became a mum for the second time

Losing weight can increase your chances of getting pregnant and this is exactly what happened to one of our lovely mums.

Anna Marie’s story

Anna Marie has been following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge since January 2018 in that time she has lost 3.5st and dropped from a size 20 to a 14/16!

The Healthy Mummy journey

Anna Marie still can’t believe she has done it! She says that it is thanks to The Healthy Mummy and the huge support network that she is 9lbs down! “Thanks to the weight loss I have conceived my second child and am very excited about the new journey our family is about to embark on.”

Anna Marie explains that her struggle is now her changing body. “My struggle now is my body is changing and after spending so long trying to loose weight and tone up, I’m finding it hard being bloated and my tummy being bigger. I’m trying to be positive about the changes and embrace them rather than falling into bad habits of emotional eating. I’ll be using the support of the group in the coming months.”

Gaining more confidence

Anna Marie explains, “That’s all incredible but do you know what the thing that’s most important to me personally is. It’s actually not what I lost but what I have gained. I have so much more confidence now than I had before not just confidence in how I look but in myself generally.”

I love being active and doing things I wouldn’t have dreamt of with my family previously. I climbed up a mountain gorge in France this summer and swam in the pools made by the water running down the mountain! I would never have done that before!”

Entering a beauty pageant

“On a whim I entered a beauty pageant for women size 14 plus as I had been following a lady online that had won it last year. Thanks to Healthy Mummy I had the self-belief that It was worth sending in my photos and details and seeing what would happen. I had totally forgotten about it till this morning when I got the below email!  There’s a slight hitch in that I remember reading something in the terms and conditions about not being able to be pregnant during the competition but I’m due April and the final is August 2019 so I’m hopeful and I’ll have to get sponsorship but hey you know what I got through from 1000’s of applicants!!!!”

Thank you Anna for your beautiful story!

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