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20 exotic baby names that will transport you to your dream destination

Exotic baby names are something that sound desirable, they’re something we long for, something unknown, mysterious and usually associated with a faraway place.

Kind of like a destination holiday.

little girl drinking coconut cocktail on beach

These 20 baby names are ones we haven’t heard of, and we’re actually loving them almost as much as we’re loving dreaming that summer was still here!

See the list below

Top 20 exotic sounding and meaning baby names


Meaning ‘sparkle’ in Greek this name is often given to country girls.


After the 2001 French film still a classic, we’re sure this name is going to be a popular one!


A French name that means Dolphin? Sign us up!


A lovely nature name from Cornwell that can be used for girls or boys!


Who wouldn’t want to name their daughter after strong, independent and modern thinking artist, Frida Kahlo?


If you love Italian food why not give your daughter an Italian name!?


Swahili name meaning faith. So sweet and unisex!


Think Jasmine but with a Persian twist.


If you like the name Sarah, you’re going to LOVE Sarita! Not to mention it means Spanish princess.


Cute little lamb. Una means lamb in Latin, how sweet!


Like Adrian but, well, more exotic!


An Italian name and means Ruler of the house, we hope his attitude is as cute as his name.


Shorten to Evan if not keen on Evander.


If you’re a fan of the TV series Peaky Blinders you will know all about the heartthrob, Cillian Murphy.


The Hungarian male given name and surname after the King-Knight Saint Ladislaus I of Hungary, is very popular in the U.S!


Coming in at number 87 this year, Luca is so hot right now. Being a Latin name, makes it even more hot!


If the name Michael is too blah for you, try the exotic Mekhi. From Hawaiian and Hebrew origin giving it a real exotic flair.


A German name from the 8th Century, meaning ‘ruler’.


The definition of exotic, Chile! The capital of exotic city means Saint James which the city was named after. Santiago also made the top 100 baby name list in 2018 also.


Meaning powerful wolf, Ulric not only sounds authoritarian, it is as the historic name is from Old English and used heavily in Europe. FYI: it’s pronounced UL-rik.


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