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11 gifts mums ACTUALLY want for Christmas

Has your family started asking you what you might like for Christmas? Well you’re in luck because we’ve put together a list to help you!

Aside from a sleep in, breakfast in bed, children who behave like angels and not changing dirty nappies for a day, there are a few other things that are perfect options for yourself or other special mums in your life.

It really is quite simple to spoil us mums. We want what we always feel too guilty to purchase ourselves.

11 gifts mums ACTUALLY want for Christmas

11 Christmas gift ideas that mums really want

1. Relaxation

Be it a trip to the day spa, a massage or a hair appointment. Maybe get the mum in your life a gift voucher for floating (the latest and hottest trend), a manicure and pedicure or the movies.

All any mum really wants to be able to do is have the spare time to be somewhere, guilt free and do… well, nothing.

Hot tip: Make sure you arrange the time off for her to enjoy the gift of relaxing.

massage at spa

2. Books

We don’t often get a chance to actually read, but we love feeling like we could!

3. Challenge subscription

If your partner has noticed you checking out the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge why not see if you could sign up as a gift?

4. Gift voucher for clothes

Especially for our community mums who are kicking goals and losing weight this year! We need the funds to buy the clothes to show off our new amazing bodies!

5. Perfume

It’s one of those guilty pleasures that we all love owning. But generally is one of the first things we stop buying once we have to buy for others.

6. A day off

Completely guilt-free to do whatever it is that we like to do. And no pesky phone calls while we’re doing it please!

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7. Tickets

To a concert. Or a show. The ballet. Or a movie. Or a stand-up comedian!

This is another item that tends to fall down the priority list and typically is one of those experiences that just brings so much happiness.

8. A diary

If you use one, getting a diary every year is a nice tradition. A new year is a chance to start afresh and organised. It’s a great way to keep all of your appointments and reminders in one place.

9. Hobby support

Perhaps you might like a gym membership or some fitness class passes? Or even some nice new active wear to use while you complete the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge exercises at home?

What about some new trainers, or even some Healthy Mummy Smoothies!

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10. Handbag

A girl can never have too many handbags. With children who put their half-eaten muesli bars, or sandy shoes or open drink bottles in the bottom of them, we tend to need to upgrade frequently.

11. Thoughtfulness

At the end of the day, what we really want from our loved ones is something that shows you have thought about us. Something to say you see us. You appreciate us and you are aware of us.

Happy shopping!

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