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Having kids could actually make you BETTER at your JOB, say experts

It’s a myth that becoming a parent can make you more distracted in the workplace.

In fact, having kids could actually make you a lot more productive at work!

Contrary to what some naysayers believe, becoming a mum doesn’t have to be detrimental to your career at all. Quite the opposite!

Having kids can make you more productive at work

A study conducted by Forbes looked at 2,000 working mums and found that almost two-thirds of women believed they had become more productive in the workplace since becoming a parent.

Mark Brown of TG Escapes, who analysed the data for this study, said: “Our research shows that having children doesn’t need to hinder your career success and, in fact, some women find having children has meant they are more productive in the time they are at work.”

The Forbes study was released in conjunction with the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list. Interestingly, the majority of the women on that list had two or more children!

Meanwhile, another study by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis looked at research published by more than 10,000 academic economists.

Researchers found that working mums outperformed women without kids over a 30 year career span.

The study found that “mothers of at least two children are, on average, more productive than mothers of only one child, and mothers in general are more productive than childless women.”

What’s more, the data found that fathers of one and men without children performed similarly throughout much of their careers. But men with more than two children were much more productive than the others.

The study also found that women with young children had a little drop in productivity, around 15 to 17 per cent, when their children were little.

But if you consider the whole career of the person, then on average, a mum with two or more children is doing better than her childless co-workers or mums with just one child.

“While you have small children, it has an impact on you,” says study author Christian Zimmerman.

“But after that, it seems that the impact is the other way.”

Experts believe women who are most likely to have multiple kids could also be the type of women most likely to exceed.

“If you want to do research and be successful at it, being well organised is a significant component of that,” adds Christian.

“That may be all that is driving the results.”

In Australia, 90% per cent of mum feel they’re not supported by their bosses

The Healthy Mummy in Australia conducted a survey  and found that 90 per cent of mums felt they are not supported in the work place.

Of the 1,000 mums surveyed, just over 50 per cent of the mums surveyed said they believe there isn’t enough government support to help mums back to work.

The feedback from mums in our support group is that in 2019 discrimination is STILL a huge issue:

  • 90% say that they don’t feel mums are supported in the workplace
  • 85% say they feel career progression is harder once becoming a mum
  • 75% say they worry about equal opportunities for their daughters
  • 65% feel that women are not represented in politics
  • 60% of women have faced discrimination at work

“Working mums have lots of things to juggle  – but a mum doesn’t want to be made to feel guilty or like a burden if she has a school appointment on , a child’s doctor’s appointment, a school reading/classroom event, a daycare meeting or a sick child for example,” says Rhian Allen, The Healthy Mummy Founder.

“I have seen all too often that mums end up leaving a job as they think they are being judged as difficult and unreliable and end up feeling so stressed and guilty that they end up quitting their job.

“BUT if they had a pre-arranged flexible role with their employer where they flagged that they would have various days where they would need to be in late or early or work from home then when the inevitable mum duties happened there would be no stress or guilt around it.

“I truly believe if you give people flexibility that they will repay you in spades with hard work and I believe in treating everyone with respect and creating a positive work environment which is busy mum friendly.”

66% of working parents reveal they feel like they’re ‘failing’

Working mums are 40% more stressed than their childless peers, study finds

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