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12 Mums, 12 MIND-BLOWING weight loss body transformations in 12 months

Ever wondered how much you can change your health and body in twelve months?

Wonder no more! Twelve months is all it took for these 12 mums to completely transform their bodies and lives to become the healthiest, happiest and fittest versions of themselves.

Their dramatic transformations have been achieved with the easy-to-follow, budget-friendly and family-friendly Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

If you want to make 2020 your healthiest year yet, don’t delay. Join today.

We are so proud of these 12 mums and the thousands more who are achieving FANTASTIC results with our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and Smoothies each and every day.

12 mums amazing 12 month transformations

1. Courtney Thursfield –  4.25 stone weight loss

“In less than 12 months I went from an size XL to a Small”

Courtney says “Just over 12 months difference with some amazing Healthy Mummy changes in between.

  • 4.25  Stone and 4 dress sizes down – sizes 16/18 down to a 6/8
  • More confidence
  • Massive fitness boost

The only thing I wish I could change from my Healthy Mummy lifestyle is the timing – I wish I’d found this 5 years earlier.

I’ve maintained this loss for the last 6 months by sticking with the meal plans and exercises.

Don’t wait ladies – there is no time like today to start. You’ll have all the support you need in this group from thousands of amazing woman going through exactly the same things.”

2. Bianca – 3.77 stone weight loss

“I now have more energy so I can keep up with my boys”

Bianca says “I have Healthy Mummy smoothies for breakfast and follow the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges. It took me just over 12 months to lose 3.77 stone but I can tell you now that I’ll never look back.

My Healthy Mummy journey has had more benefits then just weight loss. It had helped me be more organised with meal planing, shopping and prepping which has allowed me to spend extra time with my kids.

They love picking meals, helping me with the grocery shop and cooking.

I also do more active things with the kids like walking to the beach, going to a bike ride and playing at the park. I’m so grateful that I now have more energy so I can keep up with my boys.”

3. Hannah Pech –  2 stone in last 12 months (5.98 stone weight loss total in 18 months)

If there was ever a magic pill for weight loss The Healthy Mummy is mine!

Hannah says ““I am a 33 year old mum to 5 tiny humans 8 and under (with twins thrown in at the end for the fun of it).

I took out a 12 month Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge membership back in June 2018 when I decided it was finally time to put myself first……after spending 7 years growing or feeding babies and becoming reliant on food for comfort.

When I first started with the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges I lost 3.9st in about 7 months! I smashed the lifestyle and never looked back! I rarely strayed from my meal plan and went in full throttle with my exercise!

In the following 12 months (December 2018-December 2019) my weight loss slowed down and I’ve fought through many mental battles as well as physical. In that 12 months I’ve lost another 2 stone.

I’ve felt slightly disheartened because my initial loss was so much bigger in a shorter time! BUT When I look at these pictures above I can see how far I’ve come in 12 months and know I’m in this for life!

I’ve broken through my first plateau and built a new level of strength that I’m excited to build on even more in 2020!”

“5.98 st gone (from 16.53 st – 10.55 st) in 18 months (June 2018-Dec 2019) and down 4 dress sizes (from size 20-12).

I’ve finally found a lifestyle where I can enjoy food, exercise and maintain a healthy weight at the same time.

If there was ever a magic pill for weight loss The Healthy Mummy is mine!

There was no catch and I am so proud to now be one of the success stories!

I’ve got energy, confidence and a can-do attitude to match.

I am the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been.”

Read more about Hannah’s weight loss journey.

4.  Zoe Terry – 4.72 stone weight loss

“I love not having the ‘what’s for dinner’ question every day”

Wow! Zoe has lost 4.72 st in just 6 months. July 2019 – December 2019

She says “I was so tired of years of yo-yo dieting. Tired of struggling to get up in the morning, struggling to keep up with my three year old, struggling to find clothes that I loved and that fitted.

I realised I was running out of time before my poor choices caught up with me and I would develop serious health issues. I wanted to be the best version of me and the wife and mum my family deserved.

I stumbled across The Healthy Mummy and fell in love! The yummy smoothies meant I no longer skipped meals (and binged at the next meal) or made an unhealthy choice if I was short on time.

The Healthy Mummy meals are easy to make, budget friendly and the family love them. I love not having the dreaded “what’s for dinner?” question every day and can just jump on the Challenge App and have a weeks worth of dinners planned!

By fueling my body correctly I had the energy to start exercising every day and I can now keep up with my three year old. He asks me to slow down! “

5. Fa’asega Vandermade- 6.6 stone weight loss

“My confidence has been boosted so much”.

Fa’asega says “If you told me November 2018 when I began my journey that the next few months that: I wouldn’t have to buy an outfit from the plus size range; I wouldn’t have worry about Tummy Tucker underwear and that I wouldn’t have to worry about buying something that covered all the parts of me that I did not like and that instead I would be wearing a little white dress and weigh 6.6 st lighter, I would have told you you’re crazy.

But I proved myself wrong! I’m now enjoying my new body confidence, loving all my bits and pieces and allowing my body freedom. It is so rewarding knowing that it’s ok to be confident and loving your own body is not a bad thing.”

“6.6 st lighter and so much more happier, healthier and confident. Previously I was a size 20 and had a goal to be size 12/14. I’m now a size 10/12.

I’m glad I made a change to my life over the last 12 months and get to enjoy the new ‘me’ this summer.

I couldn’t have done it without the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and the Healthy Mummy Community.

6. Jo Lloyd – 6.46 stone weight loss

“I’m the fittest ever at age 42!”

Jo says “6.46 st down in under 12 months and I have been maintaining that for over 2.5 years! I’m living the healthiest life I can now and after being overweight my whole life I’m the fittest ever at age 42!

To think that for many years I hid my legs in size 18 wide leg jeans, track pants or PJ pants, to now wearing and fitting into size XS bright pink 7/8 leggings!

I have stage one Lipoedema in my legs and from following the Healthy Mummy 28 challenges and exercising, I have managed to significantly reduce my legs!

I feel empowered, well supported and the most confident since finding the support groups and signing up in April 2016!

My dreams have come true because I tried to get healthy, I tried to feel better, I tried to be a better person for my two boys and my husband. And for that I have The Healthy Mummy to thank.

All you need to do is just wake up each day and keep trying.”

7. Nicole  – 3.46 stone weight loss

“I was determined that I could do it. And I did!”

Nicole says “12 months ago I started my journey to become the best version of myself. 12 months ago I took the dive and gave The Healthy Mummy a go.

I never imagined that this is where I would be. I was determined that I could do it. AND I DID!! Over 3.46 st lost. I love the new me.

I have a confidence that I’ve never had before and am so proud of myself.

I’ve worked so hard and even though it hasn’t been easy, I haven’t given up.

And now I can look back and know that I will never be that person ever again!”

8. Megan Carter – 5 stone weight loss

“I’m making my dreams a goals a reality”

Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge lifetime member Megan says “12 months ago I had a dream and set myself a goal.

My goal was to get back on my bike and take part in 4 days of riding over 300km from Warrnambool to Torquay as part of the Great Victorian Bike Ride.

Well, today I completed day 1 of the ride and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.

I’ve worked hard, I’m achieving results and I’m making my dreams and goals reality because I know I’m worth the effort.

5st  gone but so much more gained and this is thanks to living a Healthy Mummy lifestyle”

Read Megan’s inspiration post “I am not an instagram fitness model, I’m a mum.

9. Bernie Fanning – 2.5 stone weight loss in 6 months

“My visceral fat has halved in 6 months”

Bernie says “On the 1st of July 2019 I made the choice to change my life.

I feel so much happier, healthier and confident, and my VISCERAL FAT (the dangerous fat around your organs ) has halved.”

10. Chelsea Dixon – 7.7 stone weight loss

“Now I have confidence, a smile and true happiness”

Chelsea says “I have been a Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member since March 2019 and am now a lifetime member.

I’m down 7.7 st over 165cms & truly living my best life.

I don’t have many pics of me at my biggest because I was afraid to be seen. 

Pic on the left Christmas Eve not even at my biggest, pic on the right 3 days before Christmas.

I have gone from a couch potato to being able to run 10kms.”

“Goals for 2020 for me are to hit my 7.87st weight loss, maintain a healthy lifestyle, run a half marathon, learn to be strong.

Now I have confidence, a smile and true happiness.” 

11. Kim White – 4.88 stone weight loss

“I can’t believe how much my life has changed”

Kim says “Almost 12 months on Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and I can’t believe how much my life has changed.

The energy I have, the mental clarity, the want to go out and do things with my kids rather then sit around on the couch.

Weekends are now fun filled adventure for our family. Bush walks, swimming, aqua parks and so much more.

Thanks to the Healthy Mummy and it’s yummy smoothies I have been able to lose 4.88 st in 12 months and 150 + cms off this body.

12. Amy Thomson – 5 stone weight loss in first 12 months (6.88 stone total in 20 months)

“The Healthy Mummy has made living a healthy lifestyle so simple”

Amy says “My journey to health has been amazing!

The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenges has made living a healthy lifestyle so simple and I’m so grateful for all the things I have learnt along the way.

Setting goals has been vital in my journey. I have my ultimate goal, monthly goals and then those are broken down into daily goals. 

Each year I perform with preschool children in a Christmas concert. This year I can jump up there with so much confidence and pride!

I am fitter, healthier and stronger than ever!”

The Healthy Mummy team would like to thank these AMAZING mums for sharing their weight loss with us and completely transforming their lives. We are so proud of the happy, healthy, body confident mums they have become today.

Are you ready to kick-start your weight loss? Don’t delay. Join today.

If you are interested in kickstarting your weight loss and want to improve your energy – not to mention – improve your overall health and wellbeing – our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is an awesome program to check out.

Also read out How to Start The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge includes:

  • 28 days of at home exercise routines (no gym needed) – with video instruction
  • Customisable and breastfeeding friendly meal plans (including a 7 day cleanse)
  • Time-efficient exercises for busy mums – under 30 mins
  • Challenge combines Pilates exercises with interval and circuit training (HIIT)
  • Suitable for basic to advanced fitness levels
  • Home to thousands of EASY-TO-MAKE recipes!

To get started today, join the 28 DAY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE


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