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Get rid of tummy fat for good

Tummy fat can be one of the most stubborn areas of your body to tone up – it’s an area of your body that does need hard work and patience to tone, but it can be done!
How to reduce belly fat if you suffer from PCOS, under active thyroid or IBS

Tummy fat is usually the hardest to lose, and the last place to go. But, there are a few things you need to think about which will help you begin your tummy taming.

5 ways to target your tummy fat

1. Target your fat cells

The great news about fat that sits around your belly is that it pays attention when you exercise!

Research shows that a healthy diet and a targeted exercise regimen work hand in hand. This means that when you watch what you eat and exercise, you will have more of a chance of shrinking abdominal fat cells.

2. Hit the ground running (or walking)

Research shows that the easiest way to shed your spare tyre is by huffing and puffing and breaking a sweat.  This means 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise 3-4 times per week, or even better – every day! Check out the exercises in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app.

This doesn’t mean you have to sprint – brisk walking or a light jog is fine.

3. Eat more healthy fats

Raw peanut butter & coconut brownie slice

Healthy fat doesn’t make you fat. Monounsaturated fats are the best as they are heart healthy as well as satiating. The best sources for these fats include macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, almonds, avocado, peanut butter and olive oil.

Try peanut butter in our raw peanut butter and coconut brownie slice. 

4. Eliminate refined carbs

Processed carbs have been stripped of their fibre, vitamins and minerals. By switching to whole grains, you will receive in return a rich supply of important nutrients. Whilst refined carbs can be harmful to belly fat, whole grains can be beneficial in the plight to lose that tummy fat.

5. Give yourself time

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If your stomach fat is caused by a recent pregnancy, it’s important to remember that if you’ve given birth either vaginally or via caesarean, your stomach muscles could be damaged and weakened from the pregnancy or birth, which means that it will take a while for them to strengthen enough for you to be able to tone them up. You should always wait until you have your Doctor’s clearance before starting stomach exercises.

More on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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