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This mum no longer uses a lack of time as an excuse: ‘I’m busier than ever and I am getting it done’

Gorgeous mum of two and 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member Cassie McKay shared these before and after shots on our Healthy Mummy Facebook page.

Cassie begins, ‘How my day played out before kids. Sleep. Eat. Eat. Sit. Drink. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.’

Cassie McKay April 2019

But all that has changed since her children came along.

‘And what my day is like with two kids. 

Wake up. Exercise.

Get 3 year old Weet-Bix.

Get yelled at because he didn’t want Weet-Bix. 

Spend half hour asking 7 year old what she wants for breakfast. 

Put on load of washing.

Give up and make 7 year old toast. 

Pack school lunch for 7 year old.

Pack work lunch for 34 year old partner. Do dishes.

Chase 3 year old around house to get him dressed. Tell him he isn’t Cat-boy and he must get dressed.

Hang up washing.

Do 7 year old’s hair. Check for nits. Get changed.

Pack 3 year old into pram and walk to school.

Drop 7 year old off at school. Walk home. Play Paw Patrol with 3 year old.

Put TV on…. then FINALLY, eat! 


I won’t bore you with the rest of my day! 

It is astounding how little I got done in a day before kids. I didn’t have much on my plate, yet I struggled to look after myself. 

Now I feel like I’ve completed some sort of crazy obstacle course before I even get to breakfast…and you know what? 

I wouldn’t change it for the world! 

I’m tired (scratch that, exhausted!), by the end of the day, but being a mum has made me strong. It has made me resilient.  It has made me complete and I am a better person now because of it. 

For so long I used not having enough time as an excuse not to eat better, to avoid exercise but now I’m busier than ever and I am getting it done!’

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