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Mum Kelly reflects on her 100 Days to Summer weight loss results

Kelly Garlep was just one of the thousands of Healthy Mummy mums who participated in the 100 Days to Summer Weight Loss Challenge and she is here to share her results – the good and the bad.

Thanks for keeping it REAL Kelly! Read below to find out how she went.

Mum Kelly reflects on her 100 Days to Summer weight loss results

Before discovering The Healthy Mummy

Kelly knows the benefits of following a healthy eating and exercise plan. Since joining The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges she has lost 4.3st.

She says “Prior to discovering The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges I never thought that I could be fitter, stronger and healthier after having two babies – I was wrong! Finding the Healthy Mummy has been life changing and I’m finding myself taking up opportunities I would have hidden away from before. 4.3st. gone so far and three dress sizes, getting closer to my goals each day.”


Summer squad countdown

Determined to lose her last 2st., increase her fitness and go down some dress sizes Kelly embarked on the 100 Days to Summer Challenge.

She says “I was lucky enough to be a part of the Summer squad for this year’s countdown.

My countdown started with a bang but ended with a bit of a fizzle.”

Kelly’s 100 days to summer results

“I’ve actually ended my countdown 4 lbs heavier than I started, but a whole dress size smaller and lost almost 4 inches from my body.

I started medication in the last two weeks that would have impacted the scales so I will see what happens when I finish the course!

My fitness has certainly increased. I joined a learn to run course, recommenced footy training and tomorrow will be completing my first fun run. GOAL ACHIEVED!”

Ignore the scales

Kelly has realised it is important not to pay too much attention to the number on the scales.

She said “Last week I purchased a new wardrobe – all SIZE 12! Which shows the scales mean diddly sometimes. GOAL ACHIEVED!  I’m not exactly where I wanted to be but I am also happy with what progress I did make and I’m heading into summer more confident than I have in other years.”

kelly-garlepp-100-days-to-Summer nov18

“Never give up on your weight loss goals”

“To the ladies like me who didn’t quite get there with this challenge, reflect on what you did learn and never give up on those goals.

This lifestyle works – and this beautiful community makes all the difference to the journey!

Thanks for having me!”

Our pleasure Kelly! Thank you for being a Healthy Mummy mum and keeping it real by sharing your results with us.

It’s so easy to let the digits on the scales become an indicator of your success. But as Kelly has proven, the number on the scale isn’t everything. Keep at it and your consistency will get results.

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