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AMAZING: This mum’s budget meal prep skills have helped her lose 6st.

Weight loss doesn’t mean spending lots of money on expensive, health food ingredients!

In fact Chloe has HALVED the money she spends on groceries, changed her and her family’s eating habits and lost an incredible 6.4st. Read how she did it here!

This mum’s budget meal prep skills have helped her lose 6st.

Chloe’s on a budget mission!

When I began my Healthy Mummy journey I was incredibly overwhelmed. I had a toddler and newborn, we were doing everything to reign in our budget.

As a young family on a single income things were tight. I saved enough to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and couldn’t believe just how much money we saved on groceries! The Challenge well and truly paid for itself week after week.

I have managed to lose 6.4st, all while eating the delicious food like I have made today!

chloe meal prep

I set out this weekend with a mission, I wanted to see how many meals I could prepare on a budget. I sat down and planned the meals I would cook using The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge App.

new challenge app 2

I selected meals with similar ingredients meaning I could purchase items in bulk, cutting down the costs of my overall shop.

I had a handful of the staple items already in my cupboard but I had to purchase majority of the items needed. We leave to go camping in a little over a week, the lead up is always a little chaotic as is the homecoming.

No longer do we have an excuse to grab takeaway on the nights that get away from us, we have plenty of Healthy Mummy meals stocked in the freezer.

We are also a gluten free household, so some of the ingredients I used will cost a little more than the average household, so this could definitely be done slightly cheaper!

What Chloe made:

I made a total of 39 dinners and 30 snacks.

chloe mince with pasta

sausage pasta bake

devilled sausages

meatballs with veggies

Way to go Chlo!

Way to go Chlo! That is truly, truly, incredible.

Chloe’s weight loss transformation

I knew that I needed to change our lifestyle for the better, I had 2 babies in 18 months, gaining a considerable amount of weight with both and I was already beginning to suffer health issues because of my weight.

I was 22 years old weighing in at 18.12st.

With the help of the Healthy Mummy and the Healthy Mummy smoothies, I lost 6.4st in 15 months.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think losing such a large amount of weight, while feeding my bub and exercising, would be possible.


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Inspired by Chloe?

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