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How Sarah made 228 serves of healthy food for just 70p per serve

Sarah Cryer has been baking up an absolute storm this week!

Sarah, from Yorkshire, is a busy working mum of 3. She has lost 18lb and credits the healthy meals and snacks on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge with her success!

Sarah shares with us how she is feeding her family of five with 3 weeks worth of meals from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for only £160!  She has made 228 servings in total, that’s an amazing 70p per serve!

Sarah meal prep queen

Sarah says “Next month is going to be completely crazy for me and I needed to be organised. So off I went with a shopping list for the next three weeks worth of meals.

I cooked up 228 serves of 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge snacks and meals for £160! Now that sounds a lot but broken down it’s 70p per serve.

I spent 5.5 hours in the kitchen and this will have saved me so much time in the coming weeks!”

Sarah meals

Here’s what Sarah made

Members can grab the recipes from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge:

Main meals

Sarah table



Rocky Road

  • Strawberry oatmeal bars x 16
  • No bake muesli bars x 18
  • Weetabix slice x 24
  • Lemon chia cookies x 12
  • Healthy carrot cake slice  x24
  • Rocky road
  • Hedgehog slice x 16


Sarah’s top 10 tips for meal prepping

  1. Sit down and make a plan – being aware of the ingredients you need will definitely help you out and stop you from buying too few / too many ingredients.
  2. Plan meals that have an overlap of ingredients. I’ll generally always make the bacon and courgette slice alongside the healthy carrot cake as they both use carrots – meaning less wastage.
  3. Find 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipes you know the whole family will love – it’s easy to fill a freezer full of meals but if no-one will eat them its just a waste!
  4. Find recipes you know will freeze well, if you are unsure there are loads of suggestions on the Healthy Mummy website and 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub!
  5. Get the kids involved – find the age appropriate tasks to complete – they’ll love it and you’ll be teaching them invaluable kitchen skills along the way – not to mention the quality time you are spending with them!
  6. Tidy up as you go, that way you know you have clean bowls / utensils to use.
  7. Use as many cooking appliances as you can at once! I’ll often have the hob, oven, slow cooker and pressure cooker on all at the same time! I had a pressure cooker bought for me for Christmas and it is honestly the best appliance I own – anything I used to make in the slow cooker can now be made in a fraction of the time. I can serve up a stew in 30 minutes and it tastes as though it’s been slow cooked for hours!
  8. Make sure you have the space to store all your 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meals! There is nothing worse than meal prepping in bulk only to find your freezer is still full and you have nowhere to store your delicious meals!
  9. Stick on your favourite playlist and have fun whilst you meal prep! Not only will you enjoy yourself more but you are also getting a mini workout done at the same time – dancing whilst you cook!
  10. Never go to shops hungry – you are less likely to impulse buy this way.

Sarah's slice

WOW thanks Sarah. This is so good to see, and will hopefully motivate some other mums out there to get into meal prep! Sarah has lost 18 lbs and you can read more of her story here.

sarah cryer before and after


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