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The next 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge starts today, are you ready for it?

Our next  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is kicking off today and the mums in our community are pumped to get started!

Samra Syed has been on her Healthy Mummy journey for a couple of years now but still gets pumped for the start of a new 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

She has shared with us her tips for starting the challenge right.


Start the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge right

Samara jumped into The Healthy Mummy Private Support group to pump up the mums for the start of our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge:

“Are you ready? Are you prepared? Don’t know where to start?

Start by making a long-term goal“I want to lose xxx pounds this month” 

Now break it down. How are you going to lose those pounds? What are you going to DAILY? What are you going to do CONSISTENTLY?

• I will reach 10,000 steps a day!
• I will drink 2-3L of water a day!
• I will move my body for at least 30 minutes a day!
• I will eat to FUEL my body, not just to FILL it!
• I will do some kind of meal prep!
• I will calculate my BMR and eat my calories!
• I will talk to myself with love and respect!

She also shares links to help you get your week and challenge started right:

Calculate your BMR

Fit 100 squats into your day

Tips to increase your water intake

Tips on getting started with meal prep

How to set goals to make your weight loss journey a success


So who is with Samara? We can’t wait to see you all kick your goals over the next 28 days.

It’s not too late to join Samara on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

If you are inspired by Samara’s pump-up post and want to take charge of your own health and weight – then join our  28 Day Weight Loss Challenge TODAY.

With more than 4,000 delicious (and healthy) recipes, 350 exercises & 24/7 support – the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is designed (and proven) to help busy mums like you lose weight!


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