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How to do the PERFECT Burpee!!!

In the past, Burpees came in as quickly as they left because people got injured so quickly from the incorrect form and technique. But they are now BACK to STAY because the benefits are now supported with better technique. BOOM!

NOTE: Switch on core, core and core.

The biggest mistake people do is forget to brace their torso and then they hurt their spine. Or they go too fast and injure their joints.

Always start with Option 1 (below) even if you are advanced, then warm up your joints and spine before going a little stronger or very slightly more dynamic.

It is one of the most dangerous moves if completed incorrectly, so less is more and always go slowly to master your own technique with our professional tips.

The additional value that a true safe burpee can provide is the constant spike in your heart rate that will kick start your metabolic rate to torch more calories.

Just think of it as putting paper into a burning fire that ignites quickly it will  fire up your muscles quickly and get your heart pumping which will pump more fuel around your body to improve your digestive system.

Lets Burpee after you Burp your Baby

Please enjoy this fabulous fat burning workout!

Option 1: Basic Beginner

One basic squat, then squat down with knees bent until you can touch the ground in front of you, legs back one at a time into a plank on your knees, a mini push-up on your knees. Then stand back up using one leg at a time. Repeat.

Option 2: Intermediate or advanced

Squat Jump, then squat down until you can reach the ground with your hands, bunny hop both legs back into a full plank, complete one full push ups on your toes, then bunny hop back so you can dynamically spring back up into a standing position ready to burpee again.

Now you have the technique down you can add some burpees to your next workout and don’t forget share your workout with other mums in The Healthy Mummy community.

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