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How to stay motivated while doing the 7 Day Cleanse

This week, 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge members have a 7 Day Cleanse meal plan to follow which is loaded with fresh, light and delicious recipes.

Healthy Mummy Lauren Kolstad has completed the 7 Day Cleanse before and is ready for this one!

Here, she gives her tips to staying motivated on the cleanse, what you can expect and how it worked for her.


How to stay motivated while doing the 7 Day Cleanse

If you’re doing the 7 Day Cleanse, Lauren says to make sure you start your week by taking some before photos and getting the tape measure out to measure your bust, waist, hips, thighs and arms to track progress.

“I love that The Healthy Mummy 7 Day Cleanse isn’t about excluding food group or restricting calories.

For those who are just starting out, it’s a way to get used to The Healthy Mummy style of eating, family-friendly food with lots of natural colours to ensure we’re getting enough nutrients as possible,” Lauren says.

Eat the rainbow!

Lauren food

Lauren says for those who have been following for a while, it’s a great chance to refocus and reset. Using the cleanse as an opportunity to limit things like caffeine and processed foods!

Just like the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, the cleanse ISN’T about restricting calories and the app helps you figure out your calorie target! Too easy!

Foods you might use to increase calories to hit your target:


Lauren K smoothie

Exercise while doing the cleanse should be as you would usually do!

Lauren says if you’re a walker then keep as you normally do. “There are daily exercises in the challenge that you can find in the exercise section as a daily circuit.”

Lauren with kids

 If you do want to change it up you can add extra workouts, or make up your own daily workout using the many different workouts available from 4-minute Tabata to 10-minute HIIT workouts from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app – combine some together to make up your 30-45mins of activity, Lauren says.

Lauren’s tips to stick to the cleanse

  • Make sure you’re eating enough! Now is not the time to restrict your calories too much.
  • Make sure your meal plan is still working for you and your circumstances. Customise to suit and repeat meals if you need. I usually choose 2-3 snacks for the week and often have leftovers for lunches. Often using the protein from the night before on top of a salad.
  • Keep your water intake up! Water has so many benefits, especially if you’re detoxing from caffeine!

Are you not sure if a cleanse would be beneficial? Read why it could be.

Here are some signs it might be time for a cleanse.

The Meal Plan is SPECIFICALLY designed to assist your body with its cleansing processes, help you load up on fibre and soak up plenty of vitamins and minerals to help you feel motivated, prepared and REFRESHED for next month’s 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

AND you still get to enjoy delicious meals and snacks like these Slow Cooked Caramel Apples – winning!


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Our Challenge entails: 

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