Sensational GUILT FREE Salted Caramel Smoothie

Want a delicious snack without all the sugary nasties?

This sensational salted caramel smoothie hits all the right notes. With it’s balance of sweet and salty flavours it’s perfect for satisfying pregnancy cravings and can also be enjoyed by mums who are trying to lose weight.  So good, delicious and guilt free.

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Sensational GUILT FREE Salted Caramel Smoothie
Course Snack
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Snack
Prep Time 5 minutes
  1. Mix all ingredients in blender
  2. Top with whipped coconut cream and a date sauce. (Date sauce is just a couple of dates, boiled with some water on the stove to soften, then processed together) 
Recipe Notes

310 calories

Reasons to LOVE the Tummy Smoothie



  • Contributes to weight loss*
  • Contains probiotics to support gut health
  • Fibre to keep you fuller for longer
  • High in protein which reduces feelings of hunger
  • Contains collagen which also helps a healthy digestive tract
  • Contains 22 vitamins and minerals
  • Delicious Salted Caramel flavour
  • No artificial sweeteners, fillers or caffeine
  • No added sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • Low sodium

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