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UK mum spends just £22 for one weeks worth of food shopping

Wow! Just £22 for one whole week’s worth of shopping. Healthy Mummy, Ruth, shares how she managed to spend so little on her weekly food shop.

UK mum spends £22 for a weeks worth of shopping

One of the reasons we ensure that our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipes are budget-friendly is so YOU can learn how to eat healthily and lose weight on a budget just like Ruth did.

How to spend less while eating healthy

Eating for less doesn’t have to mean eating rubbish. Take the time to plan out your meals and you really will spend less.

Eating healthy foods, planning ahead and choosing cheaper options where they are available will help you save heaps on your groceries each week.

1. Plan Ahead
2. Buy supermarket own brand
3. Don’t Shop Hungry
5. Shop Online
6. Avoid Packaged Foods

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How Ruth managed to spend less

Ruth says, “The Healthy Mummy has certainly saved me and my family money on our food bill.  £22 was the total price of my latest weekly shop, (minus the household stuff). That is the lowest for quite a while and I’m loving it!

“It’s amazing what you can make on a limited budget. My plan was to utilise what I already had in my cupboards/freezer and build it up, alongside my shopping list.”

Ruth has made:

2x Salmon, dill and asparagus
4x Vegetable soup
4x Lentil soup
4x Tuna pasta with onion and red pepper
2x Feta and egg salad
3x Homemade Granola with frozen fruit to make the berry topping to go with it.
2x Porridge and banana.

“In order to stay away from takeaways, I have 4x pitta bread in the freezer that I’ll be using as pizza bases for this weekend for dinners. I purchased some nice mince, which I plan to make into six portions between Chilli con Carne and Spaghetti bolognese bulked up with grated carrot and Courgettes to make it go further.

“And finally to keep costs down further, I’m trying to have 1-2 Healthy Mummy Smoothies a day.”

Ruth’s top tips:

  • Meal Plan in advance
  • Use what you have in your cupboards and fridge/freezer to adapt the meal plan to suit. Search the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App with the ingredients you already have
  • Stick to your list! (I’m the worst for being habitual when shopping) and avoid the aisles you don’t need to go down to remove temptation.
  • Don’t go shopping hungry! (this is just going to end badly even before you begin)
  • Have a look through the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App recipes and have a backup in place if things don’t quite go to plan – pasta is so cheap and versatile and I always have it in the pantry for just in case.

Ruth’s success story:

“Since the start of December, I’ve lost over a stone, toned up, dropped a dress size, gained heaps of confidence. My skin has been clearer and I have a lot more energy now – I am also fitter and stronger than I was pre-pregnancy!”.

Ruth adds, “If it wasn’t for the fabulous support of the wonderful Healthy Mummy support group on Facebook I doubt I would have stuck to it. It’s so different from all the other plans I’ve been on. It’s truly a journey with the most amazing, inspiring women!”

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