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22 ideas for school lunchboxes

For some mums, the biggest challenge with having kids at school is what to pack them in their lunchbox every day!

The daily grind of trying to find original and healthy ideas for the lunch box can be tiresome, but that’s where the Healthy Mummy can help.

healthy lunch box ideas

We thought we would give you some ideas to try and inspire some new additions for your kids’ lunch boxes or even your own lunch to take to work.

22 ideas for school lunchboxes

  1. Dips (like this delish Minty Beetroot Hummus, available in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub)
    Beetroot dip for back to school lunches
  2. Celery sticks filled with cream cheese
  3. Grated cheese, carrot and sultanas in a little sealed tub
  4. Frozen yogurt (in that you freeze the yogurt in either the bought tub or spoon out some of your own and freeze)
  5. Frozen peas in a little tub
  6. Sushi (we love this No-Rice Salmon Avocado Sushi! Recipe available in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub)
    No Rice Sushi for back to school lunches
  7. Skewered fruit (for older kids)
  8. Skewered sandwiches (for older kids)
  9. Chicken or veggie kebabs (skewered for older kids)
    Easy Marinated Fish Skewers for back to school lunches
  10. Skewered cherry tomatoes and cheese chunks (for older kids)
  11. Baked potato with toppings in separate little containers
  12. Homemade pizza slices (check out our Two Ingredient Pizza Dough for an easy homemade base)
    2 Ingredient Pizza Dough for back to school lunches
  13. Veggie packed sausage rolls (like these Healthy ‘Hidden Veggie’ Sausage Rolls)
    Healthy Hidden veggie sausage rolls for back to school lunches

If you are a sandwich family think about some different toppings rather than ham and cheese.

  1. Tomato bruschetta (kept in separate tubs so the toasted bread doesn’t go soggy)
  2. Hummus
  3. Pesto and chicken
  4. Ham and scrambled egg with spinach
  5. Grated courgette with yogurt and grated parmesan cheese
  6. Cauliflower Cheese Toasted Sandwich (Check out the recipe here)
    Cauliflower-Cheese-Toastie for back to school lunchesFor drinks
    1. Water
    2. Water with fruit (lemon or berries)
    3. Milk

    It is important that when sending off lunches to school that you have either an insulated cooler bag,  a frozen block or use a frozen water bottle as ‘refrigeration’ so the food items do no go off.

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