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Get amazing results in just 5 mins with the ‘The Magic 5’ Workout!!!

All we want is 5 fast and simple moves that give results – NOW!

If you are time poor (aren’t we all), need to get your metabolism cranking and only have 5 minutes free. Then just do these Magic 5 exercises to cut through any excuses that may occur in your busy life.

Can we remove all guilt for only 5 minutes out of our 1440 minutes every day?????

Our baby/child/children/family always come first, but without your health, we cannot look after them long term and we also want to show our loved ones how to live a healthier lifestyle as priority.

Top tip – do these first thing in the morning, before the day starts as top priority.

If you give yourself 5 minutes each morning, then you will have more energy for your family for the rest of the day.

The best part about these Magic 5 is that they can be done anytime, anywhere on a flat soft surface and absolutely zero equipment, so it is budget friendly – yipppeeee!

The Magic 5 – 5 super cardio moves that are fast and fun

5 fast, fun moves that you can do in just 5 minutes!

Knee lifts

Works your core and elevates your heart rate quickly. Bend your knees and bring them up to your chest, try not to bend your spine to get down to your knees. Check your knees and feet are are pointing forward.

Star jumps

Torches calories rapidly. These must be done carefully to reduce impact on your knees. Ensure your toes and knee alignment is correct. Do smaller or slower star jumps to prevent injuries.


Karate kicks or any dance feeling kicks are both fun to do. These are great for flexibility and cardiovascular. This helps work your heart and lungs more efficiently. This creates more oxygen, which also increases happy hormones. Go a little lower and slower to maintain technique.


These are clever to trick you into feeling like you feel like you are skiing or moving like a train because it is challenging but doable. If you keep your arms and legs straight and do smaller movements, then you can increase the speed safely to get maximum results of increasing your heart rate that burns more calories.

Toe Tappers

The fab five exercises finishes with toe tappers to even up the workout. Only tap as far and high as you feel safe and comfortable. Be mindful of your neck and always switch on your core.

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