The Healthy Mummy spoils new mum-of-4 with over 80 Main Meals & 150 Bliss Balls

The Healthy Mummy spoiled new mum-of-four Jessica May Magill with over 80 vegan main meals and 150 bliss balls prepared by meal prep queen Kaitie Purssell.

Her freezer was bursting at the seams! Check out all the delicious vegan meals that Kaitie prepared for Jess below.

The Healthy Mummy spoils new mum-of-4 with over 80 Main Meals & 150 Bliss BallsAbout Jessica

Jess is now a busy mum-of-four kids under five years old who has had incredible results following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges in the past.

Lending a helping hand to a new mum

With so much on her plate, we gave Meal Prep Queen Kaitie the job of helping Jess and her family out with a little bit of Healthy Mummy love…aka MEAL PREP!

Kaitie was a little unsure of where to start at first due to Jess’s family only eating vegan food.

Thankfully with the help of The Healthy Mummy App and the simple VEGAN filter Kaitie says “it was actually really easy!”


Kaitie spent about 4 hours in total in the kitchen preparing 82 Healthy Mummy main meals and blitzing/ rolling 150 bliss balls.

She says “it really proves how the Healthy Mummy works for all different lifestyles.”

Healthy Mummy App has recipe options for all dietary requirements


“It doesn’t matter if you’re dairy-free, gluten intolerant, low carb, vegetarian or vegan. The Healthy Mummy has you covered!”

Here is what Kaitie made:

Note (*) recipes available to 28 Day Weight Loss Members only. To join click here.


15 x Raw Cacao Bites* 

15 x Date and Oat Bliss Balls – get the recipe here

Healthy Date Oat Bliss Balls

15 x Coconut, Oat and Cinnamon Bliss Balls – get the recipe here

15 x Cherry & Coconut Bliss Balls*

15 x Chocolate Cake Bites*

Chocolate Bites

15 x Snickers Protein Balls – get the recipe here

Snickers Protein Balls

15 x Choc Orange Bliss Balls*

15 x Choc Almond Bliss Balls*

15 x Quick & Easy Date Balls*

15 x Chocolate Peanut Butter Bliss Balls – get the recipe here

5 ingredient chocolate and peanut butter bliss balls

10 x Lentil Bolognese*


8 x Pumpkin & Pinenut Pasta*


10 x Pumpkin & Spinach Curry – get the recipe here


8 x Spicy Corn Nachos*


8 x Baked Tortilla Stack*


10 x Chickpea, Courgette & Tomato Pasta*


8 x Curried pumpkin & lentil stew*


10 x Bean chilli con carne*

10 x Curry flavoured noodles*


Wow! Well done Kaitie for making all these delicious meals for Jessica in just 4 hours!

Jessica can now enjoy those early days of baby bliss without the added stress of preparing meals for her family.


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