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How Katie cut her shopping bill from £100 a week to just £25

“Another week’s worth of bargain shopping” says Katie, “I’ve spent £24.73 and managed to cut my shopping bill from £100 a week to just £25. Wow!”

Katie, a busy mum of 2 from West Yorkshire has successfully lost 3.5st in 12 months by following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Today she shares with us her hints and tips on how she has managed to cut her shopping bill so drastically.


Katie says , “Another week’s bargain shop today at just £24.73!

I have got enough to make:

Katie tart

I love how I’ve managed to cut my grocery bill from around £100 a week to £25!

Then every 4 weeks I spend a bit more (around £80) and get all the house essentials like washing powder, cleaning products etc. and fill the freezer.”

How does she save so much money?

Katie's receipt

Katie explains a bit more about how it’s done. Meal and snack prep using recipes from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge is definitely the way forward for a successful healthy lifestyle for me.

I’m saving time, money and losing weight so for me it’s a win win!

I like to have a prep session once a week where I either do sweet or savoury, this way I always have a varied choice of meals and snacks at hand making it impossible to get bored and lose interest!

Katie's muffins

I have my meal planning down to just 15 mins thanks to the ‘favourites’ button on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app. This has saved me so much time and money by being prepared!

My favourite meals are tuna bread baskets, simple pea and ham soup, enchiladas…the list goes on! My favourite snacks are peanut bubble crunch and pizza scrolls.”

Katie’s shares her top tips to keep costs down

Katie soup

“I’m saving money by meal planning, also when I have ingredients going out of date I meal prep things like soups and quiche to avoid throwing food away.

1) buy most of your food from the front of the supermarket (fresh food)

2) buy supermarket’s own brands wherever you can

3) don’t over-buy without a plan, you’ll end up throwing loads away

4) try following the vegetarian or vegan meal plan, I only have meat a couple of nights a week now and I’m saving so much money.

Katie tuna on toast

5) use tinned tomatoes and passata to make sauces, don’t buy the ready made jars, they’re expensive and full of sugar.

6) make your own snacks – you’ll save money and inches.

Katie chocolate snacks

7) invest in some Tupperware to save leftovers, they will last longer and you can freeze them.

8) make 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge soups for lunch, they’re a cheap delicious meal and ideal for batch cooking.

9) shop around – don’t commit to one supermarket

10) bulk buy wherever you can afford to/have the storage space for.”

What an average day on the 28 Day Challenge is like for Katie

Katie before and after April 2019

“I have lost around 3.5st thanks to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and now I’m focusing on toning up rather than trying to lose pounds.”

You can read more about Katie’s weight loss story here.

Katie orange top comparison April 2019

On a typical day:

Katie bulk meal prep

Finishing off Katie tells us, “I’m on my journey to better myself on the inside and out, to be a good role model for my girls. Goal setting is my saviour, I have different ones all the time!

My current goal is to tone my body using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app workouts 5 days a week.”

Katie’s 3 tips to anyone just starting out

  1. “Take it at your own pace, it’s not a race!
  2. Make the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meal plan work for you! Substitute ingredients, repeat meals whatever makes it easy.
  3. Keep hydrated – you will be surprised how much it helps!”

Her secret weapon?

Katie Smoothie

“I love the Healthy Mummy Smoothies. I have one a day most days!

The benefits of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge have been amazing and I’ve even managed to stop smoking while on my weight loss journey.”

Well done Katie, you’re officially the budget queen! What an inspiration.

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