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“I got the job! All thanks to the Healthy Mummy”

Healthy Mummy, Natalie is super excited to have achieved her ultimate dream job.

“This is not something I would have ever done before Healthy Mummy. I just wouldn’t have had the confidence. The Healthy Mummy has taught me that I am strong, I should believe in myself more! I am enough!”


“I got the job…. All thanks to the Healthy Mummy”

Natalie Cowie, 34, is a Mum of five children aged 1, 4, 7, 9 and 11, from Basingstoke. Natalie has been following The Healthy Mummy from April 2018 and has lost over 2 and a half stone.

Natalie shares, “When I joined The Healthy Mummy in April last year my confidence was very low. I had very little self-belief and was really very unhappy, I had totally lost ‘me’. I’d had my 5th baby not long before and was piling on weight.

“Then, on the realisation that I needed to do something, not just for me and my own self-esteem, but for my children too, I joined Healthy Mummy. From then I’ve grown in confidence. I’ve found ‘me’ again.”

Natalie’s big career change

“The Healthy Mummy gave me all the confidence I needed to go for it!”

Natalie had a job interview recently. A total change in career for her, going from teaching to healthcare.

I had no experience, and the self-doubt really crept in.

“I was really nervous, but was able to control the nerves far better than I would have been able to pre Healthy Mummy!

“I felt excited about it too, it’s something I’ve been looking into for a couple of years now so I was looking forward to finally having the opportunity to find out more. I went in seemingly confident and got the job! I’m over the moon.

“When I was accepted… I felt so happy! I felt so grateful and privileged to have been chosen too!

“I’m really excited to start training. I’ll be working in the emergency department as a healthcare support worker.

“This is a complete Career change. I’ve worked as a teacher since qualifying in 2006 (with time off for maternity leave) so leaving teaching wasn’t easy, I’ve loved it but working in a hospital as a HCSW is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now, after spending time in hospital with my own children and seeing the difference the people who work there make, I’d love the opportunity to be able to do that too!

“This is not something I would have ever done before The Healthy Mummy. I just wouldn’t have had the confidence. The Healthy Mummy has taught me that I am strong, I should believe in myself more! I am enough!”

Natalie’s tips for other mums thinking of a career change:

  • Believe in yourself. Whether you’re going for an interview or returning to your previous job, you can do it!
  • Be brave! Change can be daunting, but weigh up the pros and cons and if you think it’ll work for you, go for it!
  • Follow your heart. If there’s something you really want to go for, try it. You’ll feel so much happier mentally if you’re doing something you love.

Natalie’s tips for mums going back to work:

  • Find an outfit you feel confident in, especially for your first day back.
  • Find a child carer you trust to look after your little one.
  • Plan yourself a treat after your first day, or make it a regular thing!

Congratulations, Natalie! We are all very proud of you.

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