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The 6 mistakes you’re making at breakfast that could be sabotaging your weight loss success

Health experts have established that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but your breakfast choices may be the reason you are struggling to lose weight.

There are so many options of things to eat in the morning – from cereals to omelettes to croissants, smashed avocado on toast, bagels, muffins, a full breakfast – the list is endless!

However, if you feel hungry within a few hours of eating or bloated and tired, then maybe it’s time to switch up what you’re eating at the start of the day.

These small tweaks could make ALL the difference…

The 6 mistakes you could be making at breakfast time

1. You’re eating too much sugar

If you’ve travelled down the cereal aisle lately, you’ve probably felt a little overwhelmed with all the choices. 

Many popular choices contain salt, sugar, additives, and saturated fat whereas protein and fibre can be lacking.

2. You’re filling up on too much coffee

Lattes and cappuccinos may help give you an energy kick first thing, but they are packed full of calories and there’s no nutritional value.

Plus, if you add sugar then you could be consuming more calories than you even realise.

Why not try filling up on water, having a tea, ditching the sugar or opting for a less fattening coffee in the morning?

3. Your diet is high in fat

Eggs, avocados, smoked salmon and croissants are all delicious but they are all high in fat – and calories can add up quickly!

Try having one egg instead of two, or half an avocado instead of a whole one.

What’s more, greasy fry ups – with bacon, sausages and fried eggs – are good once in a while but they are full of salt and fat.

4. You’re eating on the go

If you tend to be in a rush in the morning and are picking up breakfast on your way to work or eating at your desk, the chances are you aren’t making mindful choices.

Brekkie-on-the-go is fine once in a while, but often, coffee shops are selling you things that are full of calories.

Plus, there’s the added risk of indigestion.

5. You’re skipping breakfast

By skipping breakfast altogether, you’ll find you are ravenous later on in the day and might tend to overeat at lunch. And this can lead to making unhealthier choices.

If you often skip breakfast, then you should try our Healthy Mummy smoothies! Not only are they easy to make if you are in a hurry to get out of the door, but they keep you full for longer and are packed full of vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

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