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15 tips for BLASTING belly fat FOR GOOD

One of the most stubborn areas to shift fat, especially after you become a mum, is the belly.

We’ve pulled together these tried and tested ways to help.

15 tips for beating the belly bulge forever


1. Plan, plan, plan

With kids, families, homes and jobs to allow for; a good plan at the start of each week will help make sure you have enough time every day to do what it takes to keep you happy and healthy.

2. Be consistent

Food, sleep, exercise-everything! It’s important to keep yourself in a regular routine so you make progress.

3. Count calories

Under eating will only encourage your boy do store fat; thinking it’s in survival mode. So eat the right amount of calories for your body type.

Use The HealthyMummy BMR section on the App to help you track.

4. Walk and Weights

Going for a walk every day can help you to keep bloating at bay. Adding a weight session for a full body workout, to keep blasting calories even after you stop

5. Plank

Tightens, tones and strengthens your core muscles for a leaner tummy. Make sure you engage your core for great results.

6. Bicycle

Because you raise your legs with this one, it’s targets your deepest core muscles, which are hard to target with other exercises!

7. Single leg raise

Great for engaging your lower belly, and hip flexors-as well as helping to stabilise your lower back and improve your posture. All round winner!

Eat and drink

8. Water

Staying hydrated helps you nourish and flourish-plus it helps eliminate bloat.

9. Green Tea

Make sure it’s decaf, and this can be a fantastic caffeine free afternoon pick me up-also known to aid in digestion.

10. Healthy Mummy Smoothies

Our meal-replacement weight loss smoothies have been formulated by leading nutritionists to be the perfect companion to a busy mum’s life when trying to lose weight. They’re breastfeeding-friendly.

20 serves per 500g tub. For more information and flavours, click here.

11. Fibre

A great way to feel fuller for longer, and aid your digestion. Think of fruit and veg as your first port of call-then a few nuts, legumes, and a little whole grain bread are also great sources of fibre.


12. Dairy

if you’re feeling bloated-lactose intolerance could be something to consider, as it causes gas. You don’t need to totally ditch the dairy-try cutting back and see how you feel.

13. Soft drinks

With heaps of empty calories, and loads of sugar from fructose, these little cans are super tough for your body to burn off-especially around your belly.

14. White flour and rice

Previously processed (in factories) these are very quickly digested by your body-but that’s not a good thing-they’re stored as fat.

15. Alcohol

Two glasses of red wine and glass of water on the wooden bar counter

As well as additional sugar, alcohol puts extra pressure on your liver to clear out the toxins. This can make it really tough to build muscle, which is key to losing belly fat.

There are lots of ways to lose your belly fat-but these 15 have been tried and tested by The Healthy Mummy community, so we know they work and are super simple to stick to.

The key to any of them-consistency! Stay true to your healthier, happier goals and you’ll be looking at a flatter tummy before you know it.

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