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These mums say the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has changed EVERYTHING for them

When it comes to defining success on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, it’s definitely not just about weight loss (though that is a big part of it, of course).

How about improving your mood, boosting your body confidence, wearing new clothes, or just feeling a lot happier than you used to? Sound good?

These five mums have all started their 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge journey and today they have shared exactly how the challenge has changed their lives for the better.


How these 5 mums have transformed their lives

Do you want to feel like this? Join us on the next round of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Shell Ashton says she is now more fun to be around


Shell says, “I’m far from my goal, but I’m happy with my progress.

7 months ago I was almost a size 18 after having my second baby. I was extremely unhappy with my weight and not the nicest person to be around, I was feeling quite low and my poor husband was getting it in the neck!

Four months ago, I joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and everything changed, my weight, my health and the biggest change has been my mood.

I’m now much much happier, more fun to be around, I’m a better wife and mother just by being me again.

1st 5lbs lost, 6 inches off my waist (many more inches lost from arms, legs, bum and chest as well) and a whole lot of insecurities gone forever.”

Maria O’Rourke doesn’t feel as though she is on a diet


Maria says, “So I started the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge three months ago. During the first month I made a few meals here and there and fitted in what exercise I could.

I didn’t meal prep much, I took each day as it came.

I’ve had my naughty days and bad weekends but most importantly I’ve picked myself up and got myself back on track, and prepped food and snacks so I can stay focused. I’ve lost 1 stone, or roughly 6 bags of sugar!

The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has changed my mental health, physical health and family health for the better.

It has been the best lifestyle change I have come across. I’ve never feel like I am dieting and the exercise never feels like a chore.”

Vanessa McAdam has boosted her body confidence


Vanessa says, “I was one of those people who wore loose, comfortable clothes that hid my rolls and sins!!

I am now happy to throw on jeggings and a shirt to do the school run. The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has not only helped me lose weight, but it has given me soooo much body confidence – something money can’t buy!!”

Tracey Bentley is now lighter than she was pre-kids


Tracey says, “7 months ago I just thought my body would always be this shape. I was getting older and my body was just falling apart.

But then I found the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and the awesome support from the Facebook group.

I wouldn’t be here now, at a lighter weight than pre-pregnancy over 12 years ago and feeling healthier than I ever have, without you.

I still have bad days and my body is still trying to rebel but I’m fighting back.

Thank you to everyone for every positive message you ever have sent – they make all the difference.”

Charlie Johnson is fitting into her goal dress


Charlie says, “I bought this dress 2 years ago. It has lived in a drawer for all that time because it clung in all the wrong places and I was far too self-conscious to wear it.

When I was clearing out drawers on the weekend I decided to give it a wash – maybe it was time to give it another go.

And here I am! I actually feel pretty confident in myself and how I look, which makes a really nice change.

I definitely would not be here and feeling this way if it wasn’t for the Healthy Mummy and all that the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has given me.

I feel like I’ve been given a new lease of life and I really can’t wait to see where my Healthy Mummy journey takes me – so far it has been the best ride ever.”

Join thousands of mums on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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