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Mum kisses frumpy track pants goodbye FOREVER after losing 3.13st

Healthy Mummy community member Alissa had a lot to be happy about. Including a supportive husband and two beautiful children. Yet she began to take her body issues out on her family and getting dressed had become a NIGHTMARE!

After losing 3.13st with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge this HOT mummy has kissed her frumpy track pants goodbye forever and has never felt better!


Mum Kisses Frumpy Track Pants Goodbye FOREVER After Losing 3.13st

My name is Alissa Williams, I’m 24 years old. I’m married to my best friend, and have 2 beautiful daughters, 3 and 2 years old. 

I have always been very happy with everything in my life, except my weight. And sadly this started to impact other areas of my life.  Particularly when it came to getting dressed!

Wardrobe stress

Whenever I would get dressed to leave the house, I’d go through the hellish process of trying on almost every item of clothing I owned.

Not happy with how I looked, I would pile the clothes on the floor and cry. Eventually I would put on the same old track pants and baggy t-shirt that I’d just taken off! And this would happen just for a routine trip to the supermarket. Going out to a special event was even worse!


My ‘ah-ha’ moment

Due to my lack of self esteem I was becoming a bitter person and often took my own issues out on the people around me. I was really angry and disappointed in myself but knew that I was the only person who could change that.

I can’t remember the the actual moment I decided to change…but one day something clicked.

Weight loss – small changes

My starting weight was 16 stone. I began my weight loss journey by making small changes.

These changes included: ditching all the white foods for wholemeal; cutting my portion sizes in half; drinking three litres of water per day; cutting sugar out of my tea and coffee; introducing green tea; and walking every day.

“I felt completely different within a few weeks my really skin cleared up”.

Second pregnancy

I fell pregnant with my second daughter and had a fantastic, easy and strong pregnancy.

When she was born I was 1.8st down and felt amazing!

How I lost the baby weight

To lose the weight gained during my second pregnancy I increased my walks to 3 miles (pushing a double pram up some seriously big hills) and started doing other exercises around the house.

A few months in, I hit a plateau. So I signed up to the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and have never looked back. My weight quickly dropped to 13.5st.


Pantry re-haul

By following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge I have learnt how to substitute certain ingredients with healthier alternatives. My pantry looks completely different these days.

  • Regular milk has been replaced with almond and coconut milk (unsweetened).
  • Instead of white sugar I use coconut sugar, honey, maple or rice malt syrup.
  • Bread and pasta have always been my weakness so I rarely eat those.
  • I make everything from scratch instead of eating ‘jar or packet’ foods that contain sneaky added sugars and preservatives. It’s satisfying to know exactly what my family and I are eating. (And I can hide veggies in my kids meals too!). My husband has lost weight too.
  • I now eat 70% dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It was hard to switch at first, but now I prefer it!
  • For baking I usually use almond meal or wholemeal flour.



My main motivation to lose weight was seeing unflattering pictures of myself. I was also doing it for my husband and kids.

“My tip would be take take lots of pictures of yourself. When I am having one of ‘those’ days and feel like I’m getting no where, I look back to where I started and it fires me up again to keep going!”.

Weight Loss Results

‘I started at 16 stone and now weigh 12.1st – a loss of almost 4 stone. I am a completely different person! My confidence is back and have been enjoying buying new (smaller) clothes!

“No more melt downs when I am getting ready to leave the house. As a mother, I am proud to be setting a good example for my girls!”.

My husband has always loved and supported me and is super proud of how far I’ve come. As a wife, I’m a better version of what he married!’

Thank you Alissa for your inspiring story.  Not only do you look AMAZING we are thrilled that your healthy eating has become a way of life for you and your family.


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