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See how Hazel whipped up 6 healthy snacks in UNDER an hour

 Check out Healthy Mummy Hazel!

She’s lost over a stone thanks to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and says she’s: “Fitter, healthier, stronger, slimmer and more toned than ever before!”

Check out how Healthy Mummy Hazel whipped up 6 healthy snacks in under an hour

One of Hazel’s keys to success? Ensuring she’s always got healthy sweet treats and snacks on hand for when cravings strike!

Check out how Hazel whipped up 6 delicious, healthy snacks to stock her fridge and pantry in under an hour.

What Hazel made

Check out how Healthy Mummy Hazel whipped up 6 healthy snacks in under an hour

•A double batch of raspberry (and blueberry muffins). If you love muffins, check out the recipe for Nut Free Honey and Raspberry Muffins here
•Choc chip banana bread muffins – Check out our delish Big Batch Banana Bread recipe here
•Banana fudge – Check out our recipe for Healthy No Bake Choc Banana Fudge here
• Raw peanut butter bars
• Peanut bubble crunch – Check out the yummy, kid friendly recipe here
Peanut bubble crunch
• Bacon and pepper (‘I had no courgette left!’) slice – For an easy alternative, check out our Savoury Muffins
Easy zucchini muffins

Top tips from Hazel

  1. Make things that are similar to what you used to eat before the Healthy Mummy to start off with. It makes the transition easier
  2. Try something different each week and don’t be afraid to try things with ingredients you don’t normally like
  3. If all this meal prep seems daunting then prep your snacks only and just make extra portions of your meals to build up your freezer stash!

Awesome effort Hazel!

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