A real mum’s guide to prepping healthy lunch boxes for work and school

Scenario: You’re trying to get the kids ready for school, their lunch box is half packed and its 8.30 am.You don’t even have the time to think for a second what you’re going to pack for lunch at work today so you just grab the kids and go! It comes to lunch time at work and you didn’t pack anything so you opt for buying something ‘easy’ which usually means not the healthiest choice.

We’ve all been here! Especially Healthy Mummy Robyn who’s lost 4.3st. through the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.“Lunch used to mean grabbing a quick lunch special in my break, normally a Chinese or jacket potato,” she says.

Mum’s must have guide to prepping healthy lunch boxes for work and school

However since joining The Healthy Mummy and following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges, Robyn’s lunch (and her children’s lunch boxes) have changed DRAMATICALLY.

Robyn says, “I now make all of our snacks and lunches, I pack everyone a lunch box the night before so it’s ready in the morning.”

Robyn’s 9 tips that work when packing a lunch for yourself and the kids

1. Use recipes

I make sure I am picking recipes and snacks from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge that use lots of fruits and vegetables. Carrot sticks, cucumber, cherry tomatoes are so quick and really easy to pop into lunches. Corn on the cob is also a winner!

2. Meal prep

Scrolls, doughnuts meal prep

Making sure I have healthy snacks on hand to put into our lunches. I do a big cook up on a Sunday, and always double batches. It means I have healthy snacks like these scrolls for the week and also add to my freezer stash.

Discover how you can utilise your freezer to save you time and money!

3. Don’t force yourself to eat things you don’t like

Raw bounty slice just 190 caloriesThe greatest thing The Healthy Mummy has taught me is that healthy food can still taste amazing. I still eat all the foods I love, even this Chocolate Slice!

4. Pack each food group

packed lunch box

I aim to have: fruit, veggies, protein, dairy and whole grains packed. See this lunch box guide to make sure you’re adding all the food groups!

5. Use leftovers

packed lunch box

If I have leftover veggies or meats from dinner I use it in a salad the next day for a quick lunch. I also cook extras at dinner so I can use them for my lunches.

6. Involve the kids

girl cutting mushrooms

My children have a say in what goes in their lunch box. My daughter helps me choose 2 or 3 snacks to make from either the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub or the Healthy Kids Lunch Boxes Book. She loves flicking the pages and looking at all the recipes, she also loves to help me make the snacks.

7. Make it fun!

shape cutters for snacks

I try and mix up the types of foods in our lunch boxes and aim for lots of colour! Cookie cutters can be a great way to cut up sandwiches or veggies, or to freeze brownies or fudge (it defrosts by morning tea time).

8. Add a smoothie

Little boy holding smoothie

I make smoothies with berries and spinach and freeze them.

9. Pack water

Berry water bottles

It’s so important to stay hydrated. I also add some berries into their water. I make sure I take my water bottle to work.

There you have it! We hope you feel inspired for packing yours and your children’s lunchboxes!

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